Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell’s Legal Drama Explained

Adesanya's ex is coming for the money.

Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell’s Legal Drama Explained

Image: Fox Sports

Two-time UFC Middleweight Championship winner, Israel Adesanya, would have been on top of the world after recently defeating his longtime rival Alex Pereira in April… except now his ex-girlfriend is seeking half of his earnings from their time together. 

UFC is never far away from headlines, with Jake Gyllenhaal’s shock appearance in the ring and the newly announced UFC-WWE merger keeping fans plenty occupied with sporting drama. This week, however, Nigerian-born, New Zealand-based fighter Israel Adesanya has stepped into the limelight…

A dominant force in the Middleweight division since signing with the UFC in 2017, Adesanya is now facing a significant battle outside of the Octagon with his ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell, who is allegedly suing the current Middleweight Champion for half of his accumulated wealth. 

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Powdrell, who dated Adesanya for approximately a year between 2019 and 2020, claims she is owed half of Adesanya’s fortune despite the fact the pair never married or had children together. The situation has likely been brewing for some time and may explain Adesanya’s cryptic comments on social media last month where he condemned an unnamed romantic partner in a stinging post…

“You don’t care about my life cause you’ve sold info about me, so I don’t care about yours… I don’t even hate; I just don’t care about you. I’ve not been in love with you for a while. In summary, I’m glad this happened. I wouldn’t change a f**king thing.”


He then proceeded to post two more scornful attacks, supposedly also aimed at Powdrell. This tine, they took on a more misogynistic edge:

“Me loading up receipts…. Y’all shoulda left me the f**k alone! I got time and I got lawyer money… Women’s ‘Standards ‘ are merely fairy tales they have after living in a nightmare… LOL women”


Further fuelling speculation around who exactly Adesanya was addressing, the former kickboxing champion also commented on footballer Achraf Hakimi’s divorce from his wife. Hakimi’s divorce was the subject of a media frenzy that falsely reported the footballer’s decision to put his wealth under his mother’s name in an effort to protect it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Adesanya vocally resonated with legal struggles of the Moroccan star:

“Very relatable… Imagine being so f****n entitled that you think you deserve what a man has worked his whole life for… When you came into this life with nothing and tried to leave with millions. But like Achraf Hakimi, my assets are protected. I woulda taken half her s**t too, but I don’t want half of NOTHING.”


Fans were left perplexed by the heated reaction from the normally private Adesanya. UFC contender Sean ‘Sugar’ O’Malley provided key insight into the apparent details of the situation during his podcast, stating that Adesanya’s ex wanted half of his earnings and that the circumstances were “ridiculous”:

“I don’t know how their relationship was because I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, but to want half of what he’s gone out there and done is absolutely ridiculous… Definitely not half, no way in hell half, but maybe compensate a little bit … I mean, dude, girls, you could be in love but the second it happens, them b****es get crazy.”

Sean ‘Sugar’ O’Malley

Critically, it isn’t the first time that Adesanya – nicknamed ‘The Last Stylebender’ – has had trouble with Powdrell. The apparent difficulties stretch as far back as 2021, when the MMA star took to Instagram to revel in a tirade against her…

The once-happy couple… Image: Africa Archives

In an email dated December 18, 2021, Adesanya accused his ex of selling information about him during their relationship, stating that she “cost him money” rather than helping him become financially more responsible.

Who is Israel Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell?

Charlotte Powdrell is a New Zealand native who works as a real estate agent in Auckland. Prior to this, Powdrell worked in nursing. Powdrell’s relationship with Adesanta became public in 2019 when fans spotted the couple together at a variety of events and public outings. Powdrell was also in attendance when Adesanya secured the UFC gold at UFC 243. 

Adding to the public’s belief in their blossoming romance were videos that showed the ex-couple sharing a bubble bath, making it easy to assume they were head over heels for one another. They allegedly split up in early 2020 due to reasons that were as-then undisclosed to the public. 

Adesanya defeated Alex Pereira in April. Image: Bleacher Report

However, the nature of their relationship since their breakup perhaps gives an indication as to what caused the initial separation, with Adesanya accusing Powdrell of being quite the big spender. Adesanya feels his $4 million net worth is being threatened by Powdrell, and if his recent rants are anything to go by, he’ll do everything he can to ensure his fortune is secured. 

The current legal situation between the two appears to be headed towards a fiery conclusion, and with neither Adesanya nor Powdrell seemingly willing to let this play out privately, it will likely unfold shamelessly in the public eye… watch this space.