Product Review Editorial Policy

At DMARGE, our recommendation process is simple. Would we be happy to recommend the products that appear in our articles to a friend or family member? If it’s a no, then they don’t get featured.

Over the past 10 years, we have tested a wide range of products and compiled a curated list of recommendations from our team of expert writers, with team members who specialise in the select product categories we cover; Men’s fashion, men’s footwear, gifts, watches, grooming and cologne.

Wherever possible, DMARGE will purchase (yes we purchase them ourselves) or loan these products to test and review within our studio in Sydney.

best mens cologne - editorial
At home with Luc Wiesman testing men’s cologne
best mens underwear - editorial
Finlay Mead testing over 12 pairs of underwear

In some cases, we may earn an affiliate commission on certain products we suggest, should you choose to click through to the retailer’s website and make a purchase.

Updating and fact-checking

Once we publish an article, we are committed to updating and keeping our existing recommendations current, accurate, and helpful to DMARGE readers. Our recommended products and services cater to various budgets, and we do not favour any specific retailer or brand – yes, there are hardly any Amazon links here.

We aim to source recommendations from companies known for high-quality products and great customer service, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for our readers.

What about out-of-stock products?

Understanding the frustration of researching a product only to find it out of stock after adding it to your cart, we make every effort to mitigate this by assigning dedicated editors to check availability daily. This ensures that we provide you with the best possible user experience for DMARGE readers.

The people reviewing our products…

Our commitment is to represent a diverse range of voices and experiences at DMARGE. This entails highlighting brands and services owned by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) and other minority groups whenever feasible.

We actively strive to hire a diverse group of writers and staff members to cover topics that are significant to our audience.