Las Vegas’ Worst Hotel Bumps Up Prices By 1380% For Grand Prix Weekend

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Las Vegas’ Worst Hotel Bumps Up Prices By 1380% For Grand Prix Weekend

Image: Circus Circus

Las Vegas hotels and casinos are licking their lips at the imminent influx of eager Formula 1 fans as the travelling circus rolls into town. The inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix promises to be the most premium sporting event of the entire year, but local businesses are already preparing to capitalise on the increase in demand.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix still hasn’t even been built but it’s still considered to be, not only one of the biggest and most premium race weekends of the Formula 1 circuit, but the entire sporting calendar.

More than $400 million USD (~$612 million AUD) has been invested into a permanent paddock down the Las Vegas Strip with some of Vegas’ most iconic landmarks and destinations all making adjustments in anticipation of the economic boom that the F1 action will bring – and it’s the American fans that are left paying the highest price.

Businesses are relishing the influx of eager Formula 1 fans this November. Image: Circus Circus

Hundreds of thousands of people will be travelling to Vegas in November for the first Formula 1 race since the Caesars Palace Grand Prix held in the early 80s. The skyline of the neon city will have undoubtedly changed since then, but the opportunity to make a few dollars certainly hasn’t, and businesses throughout this iconic town are all relishing the arrival of the Formula 1 party.

No more so than for some of Sin City’s most budget-conscious venues; dubbed one of the worst hotels on Las Vegas Boulevard due to its dated decor, rude service and unclean rooms, Circus Circus first opened its doors in 1968 and has been a staple on the Las Vegas Strip for more than 50 years.

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Circus Circus promised to be a carnival in the middle of the Nevada desert; an all-singing, all-dancing oasis with circus acts, trapeze artists and showgirls throughout. But these days, it’s more of a smoke-filled house of horrors, than a fantastical fairground.

The 3-star hotel usually charges the least amount for a room in Las Vegas. After all, it’s basic, no-frills accommodation and doesn’t pretend to be anything different. However over the weekend of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, prices for the same room have skyrocketed to $459 USD (~$704 AUD) a night, an increase of 1380%.

Rooms prices at Circus Circus have increased by 1380%.

Fans hoping to attend this year’s Las Vegas Grand Prix should be prepared to pay the highest ticket price of the 2023 season, according to, with the average cost for the entire race weekend coming in at a whopping $7,457 USD (~$11,407 AUD).

Demand in Vegas will rise to unprecedented levels throughout the weekend as the world’s premier motorsport arrives in one of America’s most famous cities – and businesses are already taking full advantage of the travelling Formula 1 show to capitalise on the influx of eager revheads.