Martin Brundle’s Best (& Most Cringeworthy) Grid Walks in Formula 1 History

Dance, monkey, dance!

Martin Brundle’s Best (& Most Cringeworthy) Grid Walks in Formula 1 History

Image: Sky Sports

Much like a Max Verstappen victory in recent years, an instantly iconic or cringeworthy moment during one of Martin Brundle’s signature Grid Walks has almost become part of the Formula 1 racing calendar. Here, we’ll take a look at some of his best.

It’s become something of a staple during each exciting Formula 1 race weekend, for Martin Brundle, former motorsports racer turned broadcaster, to walk the length of the track, armed with a microphone; an earpiece; and a live news camera in tow, for the millions of avid racing fans to get a behind-the-scenes look at the highly-anticipated race that’s about the unfold.

Brundle has always been a character; even before the BBC, ITV and now Sky Sports recruited his specific talents following his retirement, Brundle was one of the fastest – and bravest – British drivers around.

He was widely considered to be the best Formula 1 driver to have never won a race, instead sharing podiums with the likes of Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, and has since excelled in live reporting post-racing.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the legendary broadcaster’s best Grid Walk moments in Formula 1.

Ozzy Osbourne on day release

Ozzy Osbourne, legendary frontman of the rock band Black Sabbath, was allowed to walk the track ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix in 2003.

“I wanna have a word with this guy because he is a complete and utter fruitcake,” Brundle said, as he grappled with the many people surrounding the Ozzy before a handler was able to accommodate the interview.

Ozzy was standing there with his signature long black hair and rounded glasses and, to his credit, wasn’t against taking questions from a random Martin Brundle armed with his signature microphone; but the rocker was clearly struggling to string a sentence together.

Take notes MGK.

Martin Brundle Brad Pitt

During a signature Grid Walk with another one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Martin Brundle was on fine form as he attempted to engage in conversation with none other than Brad Pitt, during the 2022 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin.

Image: Sky Sports

“Not for me, man. Not for me. Have a great weekend, though,” Pitt immediately replied when Brundle offered him the microphone. The broadcaster continued to press, asking Pitt about his upcoming Formula 1 movie that’s set to release on Apple TV. “No, not yet. Top secret,” Pitt said, refusing to engage with the Sky Sports commentator.

At least Pitt was cool about it.

Quips with Red Bull boss Christian Horner

Never one to shy away from a good old verbal quip with his interviewees, Martin Brundle was in fine form trading blows with Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner at the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix.

Stood on the track next to former Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, Brundle and Horner were delighting in the atmosphere and the exciting racing held under cover of night at Marina Bay when Horner seized an opportunity to have a dig at Brundle and his former racing days.

“It’s just a shame you’re too old to have driven here, really,” the Red Bull boss joked. “Shame you wasn’t fast enough to get into Formula 1,” Brundle replied.

An altercation with Megan Thee Stallion’s bodyguard

The now famous grid walk featuring Megan Thee Stallion and Martin Brundle during the 2021 US Grand Prix in which the rapper’s bodyguard pushed – gently, we should say – the broadcaster out of the way as he was attempting to get his soundbite for Sky Sports.

The incident prompted F1 to introduce “The Martin Brundle Clause”, a prerequisite named after the former driver-turned-broadcaster that bans celebrities from bringing their security onto the track ahead of the race.

F1 officials claim that the track is a safe environment for the A-Listers to walk freely before Lights Out; and whilst celebrities aren’t obliged to answer Martin Brundle’s questions they should be able to decline respectfully… something that Martin Brundle doesn’t always recognise.

Machine Gun Kelly

Brundle’s most recent bout was with American artist Machine Gun Kelly, who, walking along the track before the Brazilian Grand Prix, didn’t exactly give a good account of himself when pressured by the broadcaster to answer his questions.

He first claimed he couldn’t hear what Brundle was saying – a common response when you see the former driver approaching armed with his mic and cameraman. Brundle asked MGK what he thought of his career, attempting to draw a response from the rapper and give him the opportunity to speak ahead of the race – something he then refused to entertain.

MGK took to X – formerly Twitter – to defend his responses.

Check out the full video below.

Formula 1 Legend Bernie Ecclestone

Martin Brundle, presumedly buoyed by the exchange with MGK took his talents further along the track and stumbled upon Formula 1’s old boss Bernie Ecclestone, who, as Brundle was quick to point out, has had some recent disagreements with HMRC…

“Nice to see you at large,” Brundle began, to which Ecclestone innocently replied praising the weather and the occasion. “You’ve had quite an expensive month,” Brundle continued. The conversation turned with Brundle changing his approach and then appeared to be genuinely pleased to see the former Formula 1 chief.

It’s all in jest, however, as the pair have maintained a good relationship within the sport for years. Apologies for the video, but Sky Sports didn’t elect to release this one.

Cara Delevigne’s hearing loss

Unfortunately for actor and model Cara Delevigne, Martin Brundle clearly wasn’t in the mood to entertain people’s excuses during the 2023 British Grand Prix.

The English actor, who is based in New York, was happily enjoying the occasion walking the track ahead of her home circuit. Brundle approaches Delevigne asking for a “quick chat,” although the model smiled and shook her head refusing to speak with the broadcaster.

“The deal is everybody has to speak on the grid” Brundle reaffirmed, but sadly Delevigne could no longer hear Brundle and his microphone, before apologising and walking away.

“I’m sure it would’ve been extremely interesting,” Brundle quipped.

DJ Khaled’s Soliloquy

Another one, thought Martin Brundle as he stumbled upon America’s own DJ Khaled during the Miami Grand Prix. Sometimes for broadcasters, you’ll just strike gold, and Brundle would’ve undoubtedly been pleased he stopped the global megastar before the race was due to begin.

If you didn’t already know, Miami is DJ Khaled’s home Grand Prix. Here, he’ll tell us soon.