Cristiano Ronaldo Savages Jamie Carragher With Super Petty Act

Proof he pays attention to the media?

Cristiano Ronaldo Savages Jamie Carragher With Super Petty Act

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Cristiano Ronaldo has snubbed football pundit Jamie Carragher, instead choosing to properly greet only Roy Keane and Gary Neville, and then returning to his warm-up.

Cristiano Ronaldo has savaged English football pundit and former Liverpool defender of 17 years Jamie Carragher. How? He chose not to speak to him (or shake his hand) when he went over to say hello to pitchside pundits (and former Manchester United players) Roy Keane and Gary Neville, while they were talking about the upcoming Manchester United vs. Liverpool game on the side of the pitch, as the players warmed up.

This came after Carragher trashed Ronaldo, recently saying “no club in Europe wants him… and I’m not sure the dressing room at Manchester United want Cristiano Ronaldo.” Perhaps it’s no surprise he got little more than a nod out of the Manchester United icon (when Neville and Keane got handshakes and back pats).

Twitter user @totalcristiano posted a video of the moment on social media, with various followers weighing in on the exchange (or the lack thereof). “Biggest manchild he’s bloody 37 embarrassing,” one (likely) Twitter basement dweller wrote.

“RONALDO OWNS HIM AHAHAHAH HES SO QUIET WHEN THE KING IS IN FRONT OF HIM,” another yelled, in all caps lock. “Also because he [Carragher] played for Liverpool,” another explained.

Cristiano Ronaldo having a quick chat with Roy Keane before this morning’s highly anticipated Manchester United vs. Liverpool game. Image Credit: Getty Images

Another had a different take, suggesting: “Ronaldo doesn’t even know who Carragher is. To him he is just another journalist.”

“TV Gold. So was the Keane moment…LOVE IT!”

Twitter user les OReilly

Others posted memes that they thought were analogous to the situation, showing moments where other people were left hanging.

Manchester United won the game against Liverpool 2-1, giving the beleaguered team (and new manager Erik ten Hag) hope after a dreadful first two games of the season, which saw them lose 4-0 to Brentford and 2-1 to Brighton.

Ronaldo came on with 5 minutes of normal time to go (and played reasonably well) but didn’t score. It remains unclear if he will continue to get paid 500 grand or so a week (or by some estimates millions a week) to sit on the bench or if he will move to a new club (or if he will fight his way back into the starting 11).

In the meantime, let’s hope he gives us as many golden moments like this as possible.

Update: Jamie Carragher has responded to the hilarious situation, admitting it was a bad night for him in more ways than one, writing: “Bad night from start to finish! blanked by my good mate Ronaldo, Man Utd showing fight & quality & Liverpool all over the place!!”

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