Hooters Under Fire For Sponsoring An U10 Boys Soccer Team

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Hooters Under Fire For Sponsoring An U10 Boys Soccer Team

Images via Twitter.

The UK’s only branch of Hooters, Hooters Nottingham, has been criticised for sponsoring an U10 boys soccer team.

Hooters, the US-based restaurant chain famous for its hot wings, cold beer and scantily clad waitresses, has come under fire for sponsoring a boys soccer team.

Hooters Nottingham was revealed to be sponsoring local soccer side Burton Joyce U10s on Twitter. Many of The (Twitter) Mob were not impressed. Some took issue with what they see as Hooters’ degrading treatment of its staff, while others said the photos of Hooters’ waitresses posing with the young boys was “creepy” and “wrong.”

The photos posted online were captioned: “Hooters Nottingham are proud to be the new sponsors of Burton Joyce U10s. We wish you all the luck this season, boys. Go smash it.”

Left: Hooters Nottingham employees pose with local football team. Right: Burton Joyce Football Club says they have taken the FA’s advice and removed the shirts.

In the wake of the post, one Twitter user asked: “Why are Hooters sexualising kids?” Another said: “Could’ve gone [with a] more appropriate age range.”

Not that everyone was so upset though. One person tweeted: “What’s wrong with them sponsoring the team? On the grand scheme of things Hooters is no big deal.”

Another joked: “I’m guessing ALL the dads showed up for this match.”

Nottinghamshire FA, the local soccer authority, recently made the following statement, explaining they were not aware of, and do not condone, the deal: “The County FA had not been approached by the club seeking sanction for the sponsorship and had we have been, the request would have been declined in accordance with FA rules appertaining to the Kit and Advertising Regulations.”

“From being made aware of the sponsorship we have been working with the club to reinforce their understanding of the regulations surrounding such sponsorship.”

Nottinghamshire FA

Burton Joyce Football Club took to Facebook today with the following statement, explaining that: “Having taken advice from the FA, Burton Joyce Football Club can confirm that the shirts in question have been removed and will not be used in the future.”

This isn’t the first football sponsorship to raise eyebrows (or inspire mirth) over the years. According to Football Ramble, Spanish team Getafe got sponsored by Burger King back in the day, with the shirt featuring an awful headshot on the reverse of the shirt goalscorers to wear as a mask when celebrating a goal.

Greek side Voukefalas were also reportedly sponsored by a brothel from the city of Larissa in 2012. According to Football Ramble the club’s president said the deal was struck for purely economic reasons, however (per Football Ramble) “allegations from away fans that they couldn’t score in a brothel remain unproven.”

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