Man Gets Lionel Messi’s Signature Tattooed Onto His Arm

'Million dollar arm.'

Man Gets Lionel Messi’s Signature Tattooed Onto His Arm

A Lionel Messi fan has proved his commitment to the left-footed savant, by getting his signature tattooed onto his arm.

Your birth certificate. Your tax file number. A grudge. Not many things are for life, but tattoos usually are (unless you’re a fan of shelling out thousands of dollars to lazer them off). Because of this, many people “um” and “ah” about getting one.

One Lionel Messi fan, however, had no such qualms. The young man, who is a goal keeper for Inter Miami, got Lionel Messi’s signature on his arm while Messi was in Florida for a friendly game. The keeper, Francisco Ranieri, then took it to the tattoo shop to make it permanent. In a video posted by Pubity, Francisco can be seen meeting up with Messi again, showing him the tattoo and shaking his hand.

WATCH: Man Gets Lionel Messi’s Signature Tattooed Onto His Arm

The video, which you can watch above, shows the tattoo being done, with a cloth wiping away the foam at the end to reveal the iconic signature: Leo Messi. Francisco took to Instagram in the aftermath of the session calling it “the best day of my life” and saying “yesterday I realised a dream.”

Underneath the Pubity video, funny guy @tanksinatra wrote: “What if they break up?”. Another quipped: “Million dollar arm.”

“That’s a very messi tattoo.”

Instagram user @issa_rohaan

Many others expressed how impressed they were with remarks like: “That looks sick ngl” and “The price of that hand just went up.”

One thing’s for sure though: Francisco’s a true fan.

As for Messi, the 35-year-old football genius is counting down the days to Qatar, with Argentina to play their first game against Saudi Arabia on the 22nd of November.

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