‘Clairvoyant’ Italian Journalist Rubbishes Messi To MLS Rumours

Contrary to what you might have heard, Inter Miami have not (yet) pulled off a 'smash and grab' of Messi...

‘Clairvoyant’ Italian Journalist Rubbishes Messi To MLS Rumours

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One of the world’s most well-informed football journalists has doused the rumour that Messi and Inter Miami are basically a done deal…

Fabrizio Romano, one of the world’s most (so is the myth around him, anyway) clairvoyant sports journalists, has taken to Twitter to call for calm among the madness that is the rumour that Messi is going to Inter Miami.

Amid a maelstrom of headlines like “Messi and Inter Miami are nearing a deal to make him the highest paid player in MLS history,” Fabrizio wrote in the early hours of this morning: “Leo Messi has not decided his future yet.”

He added; “His camp guarantees that Leo is only focused on the World Cup and there’s no agreement with any club. Inter Miami want Messi and will push; but also PSG will offer Leo a new deal soon. Messi’s decision will be made in 2023.”

Fabrizio is one of the most well-informed football journalists in the world, so this statement comes as a relief to all of the Messi fans who don’t want him to leave Europe just yet. Many expressed that relief on social media.

As one wrote on Instagram (underneath Complex’s heralding of the so called news): “Briziorom hasn’t said anything about it, don’t believe it. He’s literally always right and way more accurate then woj of the NBA.”

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Another wrote: “Fake news. Messi not deciding his future post World Cup. Plus fabrizio hasn’t said a word.”

“Messi wouldn’t make a decision like this in the middle of the World Cup, could happen but this is fake news.”

Instagram user @justindarosa

Yet another said: “Not believing until Fabrizio post it..”

Other fans were more emotional, with comments like “Didn’t he say he wants to win the champions league trophy with Paris before he considers switching teams?” and “Gooodd Please No NO NO NO NO” also rolling in. There was also one Instagram user who said it would be a good thing for Messi to go to the MLS (“he knows his time is near I’m glad he won’t have a disastrous downfall like Ronaldo”), but this opinion was by far a minority.

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As for what’s really going to happen with Messi, only time (and Fabrizio’s tweets) will tell. But we’re still praying for a last-gasp Barcelona reunion. That being said, Fabrizio didn’t rule out a move to the MLS, so don’t go getting too relieved just yet either…

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