Cristiano Ronaldo’s Awkward Handshake With Bruno Fernandes Starts Speculation

Contrary to the weather, things are frosty in Qatar.

Bruno fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s bombshell interview with Piers Morgan, where he revealed he felt “betrayed” by Manchester United, has led many fans to speculate that there are tensions between him and  teammate Bruno Fernandes after an awkward handshake.

Both Manchester United players are both representing Portugal at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Their frosty first interaction since the interview was filmed by CNN, which shows Fernandes approaching Ronaldo in the Portuguese dressing room, with the midfielder putting his hand on Ronaldo’s arm, before the five-time Ballon D’or winner reached out his hand to offer a handshake.

Fernandes very briefly – and awkwardly – shakes Ronaldo’s hand before moving to the other side of the dressing room.

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Ronaldo seemed to look confused by the ordeal, which has sent social media into a frenzy about the state of their relationship.

“Yeah Ronaldo has lost what we thought he had ‘friends’. For Bruno to almost blank him, is saying something…” one user commented.

“Why did he do this before such an important tournament?” Another user questioned, “Two of the best players in that Portugal side are regular starters for Utd in Bruno and Dalot.”

“If you think that’s not going to play in their mind throughout the tournament, you’d be so wrong.”

But not all fans are taking the handshake to mean Fernandes is annoyed with his Man United teammate.

One user argued, “Stop making such a big deal out of it. They shook hands and got on with their day to prepare for the biggest tournament of their life.”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo launched a scathing attack on Manchester United in his recent sit-down with controversial English journalist Piers Morgan, which has left some accusing him of going “full Anakin.”

The interview, which has only been released in excerpts prior to its air date on Wednesday and Thursday, saw the ex-Real Madrid star slam United’s manager Erik Ten Hag.

“I don’t have respect for him because he doesn’t show respect for me,” Ronaldo said.

“Not only for the coach, but another two or three guys around the club. I felt betrayed.”

His tirade was not only limited to the current manager, with Ronaldo criticising: the club’s American owners; the lack of improvement in the club in terms of facilities and technology; and senior executives who reportedly “didn’t believe” him when he informed them that his daughter was sick with bronchitis.

The latter caused him to miss Manchester United pre-season trip to Australia.

Bruno Fernandes on 'one of the worst' Cristiano Ronaldo traits as Man  United star mocked - Manchester Evening News
Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes are hoping to lead Portugal to their maiden World Cup triumph. Image: @ManchesterEvningNews

The Portuguese forward will be focused on trying to win the World Cup on his fifth attempt in Qatar in Bruno Fernandes, but once he returns, an exit from the Red Devils seems almost certain.

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