Viral Footage Emerges Of ‘Entire Plane’ Watching The World Cup

Who needs rom-coms when you've got football?

Viral Footage Emerges Of ‘Entire Plane’ Watching The World Cup

We all know the world has gone football crazy in 2022, but this viral video, which shows a full plane of passengers watching the World Cup, shows just how mental we’ve all gone…

Making the rounds on TikTok and Instagram, the short clip, simply captioned “it’s that time”, shows an entire economy section of an American Airlines flight all glued to their screens watching England’s opening game against the USA last week, which was broadcast live in-flight by Sport 24.

Well, we say the entire flight. One woman can be seen watching some movie instead. Must have sucked to be her when another hundred passengers start cheering after a goal…

WATCH an entire plane tuned in to the 2022 FIFA World Cup below.

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It’s also interesting to see a carrier like American Airlines offer such in-demand entertainment at a time when many major international (and definitely most regional) airlines worldwide are starting to cheap out on their in-flight entertainment offerings.

They don’t call it “the beautiful game” for nothing…

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