Australians Tell News Corp ‘Get Stuffed’ After Masthead Trashes Socceroos

"So unfair."

Australians Tell News Corp ‘Get Stuffed’ After Masthead Trashes Socceroos

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Reddit users have had a gutful of News Corp’s “sensational” coverage of the Socceroos.

The Socceroos left Australia delighted, simply by getting to the knockout round of the World Cup. Particularly impressive were the victories over Tunisia and Denmark – both feats not many people expected the Socceroos to pull off.

But after we lost against Argentina, many Australians in the r/Aleague Reddit community expressed their disappointment with News Corp’s coverage of The Socceroos, in particular how they called an act by Aziz Behich “dumb” and a goalkeeper’s mistake a “howler.”

Source: Reddit

Reddit users were swift to support the Socceroos and bring News Corp down a peg. Beneath a thread entitled “Get f***ed News Corp” (which was in regards to the above image), the top comment was: “Let’s just ignore the fact we pushed Argentina to the limits and had our most successful World Cup results to date.”

Another said: “Sometimes news is so slow they have to make up stuff to get sale’s. Pathetic.”

“News Corps news isn’t just slow – it’s rarely news and mostly sensationalism,” said another.

Further comments included: “It’s so unfair. Ryan f***ed up yeah but he is going to cop so much stuff from fair weather fans” and “Behich did a better Maradona than Messi, but ‘he lost his cool'” (the same user added: “Hope every dish they eat, tastes like runny s***”).

Another said: “The pass leading up to it [Matty Ryan] was so damn slow and invited pressure from the Argentines… It’s likely Alvarez and De Paul get to him regardless.”

Another keyboard-barked: “F***ing useless dog c****. We did brilliant. Leave Matty alone too ffs, he was brilliant for us. We don’t get this far without Matty. I feel for him.”

Though we at DMARGE did warn Australia about the dangers of making Messi angry prior to the game, you could also argue that winding him up was worth a shot. As for Matty Ryan, we’d tend to agree – he’s probably feeling bad enough already; there is no need to sink a boot in (even if it would have been good if he’d sunk his boot in a little quicker on the weekend).

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