Buenos Aires Is Absolutely Thumping, & The Game Hasn’t Even Started

The last dance.

Buenos Aires Is Absolutely Thumping, & The Game Hasn’t Even Started

Image Credit: AFP

With one hour to go until kick-off, Buenos Aires is already moving and shaking, as fans prepare to watch Lionel Messi’s last dance.

What a swan song. This is Lionel Messi’s last chance to win the World Cup, and doesn’t Argentina know it. The street of Buenos Aires are a dizzying headspin of blue and white shirts, Adidas says it has sold out of strips with Messi’s name on them and even in places as far-reaching as Brazil, Bangladesh and Naples, Argentina super fans are coming out of the woodwork and hoping for a spectacle.

In Argentina’s way is Messi’s PSG teammate (and lets be honest, superstar) Mbappe, and a France team that has looked imperious all World Cup (they have that scary, true champions thing of winning even when they play badly).

That hasn’t deterred Argentina fans from shaking subways and streets the world over, with the World Cup final still yet to kick off (at the time of writing). Particularly impressive is the Argentina street artwork in rival nation Brazil, a video of which was posted to Twitter by journalist Pablo Giralt.

Footage from Twitter user @Copa90 shows Argentina fans going mad in Naples, too…

… and of course in Buenos Aires, well, we don’t need to tell you…

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