Salt Bae Harassed Messi For A Photo After World Cup Win, It Didn’t Go Well

"You would do anything for a bit of clout."

Salt Bae Harassed Messi For A Photo After World Cup Win, It Didn’t Go Well

After Argentina won the World Cup 2022, Turkish restauranteur Salt Bae was spotted pestering Messi for a photo. Though he got the shot in the end, Messi doesn’t look happy. Salt Bae has been roasted like one of his famous steaks for his actions.

They say a picture explains a thousand words. But the following photo of Messi and Salt Bae doesn’t tell the whole story of their interaction (although it may explain why the Argentina team ended up eating chicken parmas in the wake of their World Cup win, rather than going out to some fancy steak house).

Perhaps explaining why Messi looks slightly reluctant in the above image, is a video showing Salt Bae chasing after Messi, as one Instagram user puts like “like a jealous girlfriend,” grabbing his arm multiple times in an attempt to coe-erce him into a picture. Messi isn’t having a bar of it though, intent on celebrating the special moment with his team.

WATCH: Salt Bae pesters Messi for a photo as Argentina celebrate winning the World Cup

Salt Bae appears to have got Messi’s attention in the end, culminating in the awkward photo. He was duly roasted online for his actions, with comments like: “Dude we all saw the video” rolling in.

Another wrote: “Watch the whole video! Messi completely ignoring the Butcher!”

Salt Bae getting wrecked… Image via Instagram (@nusr_et)

More festive jesting (and seriously aggrieved posting) included: “Messi’s so humble agreeing to have a photo with someone he has no fkn clue who he is” and “Mega Clown…we all saw the video…begging Messi for a pic….you would do anything for a bit of clout…”

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It didn’t end there. More comments savaging Salt Bae included: “The videos just come out of him trying to get this pic and its embarrassing, messi had no interest” and “This guy‘s [a] tool. Messi ignored him at least 3 times.”

Two more comments from Messi fanboys included: “He was unhappy to take the picture with you ‘ this was shown by the video you deleted minutes ago … sorry” and “Shame on you to interrupt such a special Moment only because of your ill ego.”

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