World Cup Final Proof Australia Is Actually A Great Footballing Nation

Is Australia the third best team in the world?

World Cup Final Proof Australia Is Actually A Great Footballing Nation

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The two teams in the World Cup final (France and Argentina) are the only two teams who have beaten Australia at this World Cup. That can’t just be a coincidence, right?

World Cups are funny. They’re about moments not millions. Bandwagons not logic. Fan conspiracies not pundit platitudes. Unlikely heroes and all the rest. In among all this madness, as proved by Morocco, some truly crazy things can happen.

Morocco wasn’t the only minnow to punch above its weight at this World Cup either. Australia made history by beating Denmark’s $545 million squad (after having already beaten Tunisia in the game prior) to make it to the round of 16.

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For a country with a squad worth just $58 million dollars, this was a stunning feat. In the tailwind of this optimism, and as the grand finale now rapidly approaches, the Socceroos have now taken to Twitter with a classic grand final message: “Wishing the only two teams to beat us at the #FIFAWorldCup all the best in the Final,” the Socceroos’ official Twitter account wrote.

Some took this even further, with Optus Sport taking the chance to quip: “Soooo Australia are technically the third best nation in the world… that’s how it works right?”

Comments on the post included: “a strange flex” and “there are levels to the game.”

Another social media user said: “reasoning endorsed.”

Given France and Argentina, the two teams in the final, are the only teams to have beaten Australia at the Qatar World Cup 2022, by some twisted logic it is tempting to take that on face value. Of course, Australia didn’t play every other team, and that’s not how it works (the playoff will be between Croatia and Morocco on Saturday night). But hey: a nation can dream.

Speaking of dreams, there is a controversial plan in the works to improve the Socceroos. Let’s just hope it starts to have an impact in time for the next World Cup, which will be in Mexico, Canada and the USA.

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