‘Sick’ Fans Celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s Downfall In Cruellest Way Possible

"You're sick if you enjoy this Ronaldo downfall."

‘Sick’ Fans Celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s Downfall In Cruellest Way Possible

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‘Sick’ fans are taking to Twitter to celebrate Cristiano Ronaldo’s Saudi Super Cup loss with Al-Nassr in some of the cruellest ways possible.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently left Manchester United and the EPL, where he can hardly be said to have experienced roaring success (in round two of his time there, anyway), for Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr. The $300 million (AUD) deal looked to be an easy way for Ronaldo to cement his legacy as number one at everything (finance and business as well as banging in goals). But his time at Al Nassr hasn’t been as easy as everyone expected.

Ronaldo recently captained his team to a loss in the Saudi Supercup, and some sadistic fans have celebrated in some rather sick ways. As a result, the phrase, “if you are enjoying Ronaldo’s downfall, you are a truly sick fan” (or some variation thereof) has cropped up multiple times on Twitter this morning. The phrase “Cristiano Ronaldo” itself is trending as well.

Ronnie, playing for of Al Nassr FC, gets taken out by Hamdan Al-Shamrani of Al Ittihad Club. Image via Getty

Some fans in the stadium allegedly chanted “Messi, Messi” to taunt Ronaldo after the loss, while Troll Football posted : “You’re sick if you enjoy this Ronaldo downfall.” Many commenters chimed in outing themselves as, as one man put it, “the sickest man living.”

Some trolls even said they would follow Ronaldo to North Korea if he were to play there. Though Ronaldo hardly endeared himself to some fans with his controversial way of exiting Manchester United (and his interview with Piers Morgan), he is still a legend of the game (and you could argue true winners are never content to go out quietly or without a struggle). Whatever your view on Ronaldo’s legacy, we can all agree some trolls have gone too far.

Another commenter quipped, if it’s sick to enjoy Ronaldo’s downfall, then I must be very sick indeed (with plenty of laughing emojis). Harsh. Others even mocked his skills during the game.

Fortunately, some true fans came in to fight back against the pile on, calling for some respect for the legend of the game and – in their view – the one and only true GOAT.

A Twitter user called Trey said: “People still try to slander Ronaldo at Al-Nassr, he’s literally on vacation there making his bread lol. He’s achieved everything in his career already, anything from here is just vibes. Respect the GOAT.”

Another claimed Al Nassr didn’t have the greatest track record against their opponents Al Ittihad anyway. ESPN wrote: “The Cristiano effect is real,’ claiming his signing had increased Al Nassr’s Instagram following from 860k to 12.5 million.

Another posted a Jose Mourinio quote talking about how good Ronaldo is, and yet another posted a meme of Cristiano Ronaldo drying his tears with wads of cash.

Just another day in the whirlpool of Twitter.