Real Madrid Star Endrick Reveals Girlfriend’s Punishments For Being A Bad Boyfriend

Happy wife, happy life...

Real Madrid Star Endrick Reveals Girlfriend’s Punishments For Being A Bad Boyfriend

Image: Getty / @gabrielymiiranda

We’ve all had those moments where we wonder if we’re being the best version of ourselves for our other halves. But one Brazilian wonderkid has revealed that his girlfriend has drawn up a relationship contract complete with special clauses and fines for bad behaviour...

Unlike most professions, athletes are some of the few employees who can incur fines from their employers for breaches of contracts, missed training sessions and more. Footballers in particular, as some of the highest-paid people on the planet, will suffer the wrath of their clubs for perceived bad behaviour and face hefty penalties to justify their wages throughout their careers.

But one such footballer, Real Madrid’s latest superstar in-waiting, Endrick, has revealed that he has agreed to a relationship contract with his girlfriend and that the pair will incur fines for not behaving in the correct conduct.

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Speaking to Pod Delas, a Portuguese language podcast, Endrick was joined by his model girlfriend, 21-year-old Gabriely Mirandy, who admitted that the pair have a long list of rules that they both must follow to ensure they have a happy relationship.

This includes prohibiting each other from saying certain words, drastic changes to their conduct and personalities and developing addictions throughout their relationship. The couple are both encouraged to say “I love you” to each other in all situations.

At just 17, Endrick’s certainly not the most experienced Romeo in the world of football. But judging by some of the behaviour of some other high-profile stars – I won’t be naming and shaming them here – it might not be the worst idea to put some rules in place so the couple are both on the same page… especially with a huge move to Madrid sanctioned for the summer window.