“Not Like Us!” Drake Gets Dragged By Argentina After Dumbest Lionel Messi Bet Ever

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“Not Like Us!” Drake Gets Dragged By Argentina After Dumbest Lionel Messi Bet Ever

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Drake lost another bet on the online betting site Stake as his native Canada were knocked out by Argentina in Lionel Messi’s final Copa America appearance for his country… and Argentina’s social media team didn’t skip a beat to drag the Canadian rapper.

In recent years, Stake has emerged as the online betting site of choice for some of the world’s most prominent gamblers, welcoming the likes of Conor McGregor to its page to place outrageous sums of money in the hopes of a quick buck.

It prompted Canadian artist Drake to invest heavily in the platform in March 2022; his collaboration with Stake involves live streaming events where he engages with his fans, giving away Bitcoin and playing casino games for entertainment.

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Since he started streaming his bets and posting on social media, Drake has garnered a reputation as something of a jinx, losing millions of dollars on live sports like the Tyson Fury v Oleksandr Usyk fight, the Super Bowl LVI and several football matches throughout the years. But this most recent stunt could just be his dumbest yet.

As Canada progressed through this year’s Copa America tournament, Drake was watching with renewed optimism, placing a bet of $300,000 USD (~$444,000 AUD) for Canada to beat Lionel Messi’s Argentina in the semi-finals. Naturally, the bet didn’t pay off and Drake continued his substantial misfortune with another huge loss. Argentina’s official X account responded in true sporting form.