Steph Curry’s “Wild” Golf Hole-in-One Shows Why He’s One Of Sport’s Greatest Ever Shooters

What can't Curry do?

Steph Curry’s “Wild” Golf Hole-in-One Shows Why He’s One Of Sport’s Greatest Ever Shooters

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Steph Curry’s stock has never been higher after sinking a dramatic 152-yard hole-in-one on a par-three hole at a celebrity invitational golf tournament this weekend, proving once more that even off the basketball court, the Golden State Warriors point guard is one of the greatest ever to do it.

It’s been a familiar sight over the last 14 years of Steph Curry’s NBA playing career, a stellar professional who boasts an impressive singular focus, and can deliver under pressure as the eager eyes of the public are fixed on the star man’s next move; the target in his sights, his body, realigned and poised, and Curry prepares to strike.

Stephen Curry’s NBA career has been nothing short of remarkable, claiming four championships over seven years with the Golden State Warriors and historic back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018, to cement his legacy as one of the greatest NBA shooters of all time.

But it’s been an open secret that, whilst professional basketball has been Curry’s career and passion, it shares the court with another one of Curry’s first loves…

After being introduced to the sport aged 8 by his father, Dell Curry, a former professional basketball player, Steph Curry has maintained an intense obsession with golf throughout his adult life, dividing his time between his two loves and competing in golf tournaments alongside his NBA career. Curry even admitted to dreaming about tee-off sessions of the manicured green whilst he’s delivering on the biggest courts in professional basketball.

“I got bit by the bug pretty early and became obsessed,” he says. “I’d find myself on the basketball court sometimes thinking about my next round. I kind of still do that in the league, which is kind of weird.”

This Saturday, during the American Century Championship, Curry managed to sink a historic 152-yard hole-in-one on a par-three hole to deliver one of the great golfing performances during a celebrity tournament. Curry won at Edgewood Tahoe by two points over a host of professional sports stars including tennis and hockey players, once again demonstrating his superior shooting ability, even off the court.

WATCH Stephen Curry sink a 152-yard hole-in-one during a celebrity golf tournament below.

“That was wild,” Curry said. “It was good contact, right at the stick, but even if you’re painting the flag and it looks good, you never really expect it to go in. I just saw a bunch of hands go up, and then you just kind of black out.”

Curry, now aged 35, can still undoubtedly perform at the highest level of basketball. His last NBA Championship came in 2022 with the Golden State Warriors, winning the individual NBA Finals MVP award for the first time. This year, during the title defence, Curry surpassed Michael Jordan’s longstanding record of the most 50+ point games after turning 30 years old and is now tied with Wilt Chamberlain with seven games, and ended the year in the NBA All-Star team for the 9th time.

When pressed about life after basketball, Curry was coy about his future as a professional golfer, citing the amount of time needed to dedicate yourself to another sport in order to make the grade. Curry simply won’t allow himself to fail at one of his greatest loves, but for Curry, a serial winner, “you can never say never.”

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