Conor McGregor’s 7-Year Body Transformation Is Insane

"All the belts."

Conor McGregor’s 7-Year Body Transformation Is Insane

Conor McGregor started as a scrawny plumber’s apprentice. Then he became a featherweight and lightweight double UFC champion (and one of the richest athletes in the world).

But what few people saw coming, even as little as seven years ago, when McGregor was just coming into his prime, was just how much bulk the Irish prizefighter would be swaggering around with in the year 2022.

But here we are.

Whether it’s tactical, due to his gruesome leg injury, or whether McGregor simply decided, ‘f*ck it, who needs cardio?’ The Notorious is now so bulky some Instagram followers have been inspired to suggest he move up a weight division (Conor has also cryptically said “all the belts” in another post recently, as unlikely as achieving that seems).

Of course, before his next fight, we’re sure he’ll slim down. But in the meantime: have at the above Instagram post, which shows just how much McGregor’s body has transformed over the last seven years (which McGregor posted to Instagram yesterday with the caption: “Climb the ladder”).

The image prompted some followers to say: “The bigger the worse” and “come back to 145lb” – a nod to McGregor’s losses of late. Others said: “need a win man” and “I’m about that 2017 life.”

“2015 – 2 losses. 2017 – 3 losses. 2022- 6 losses. You’re climbing down the ladder mate.”

Instagram user @cameronn.james

Yet others said: “Looking strong brother.” Another observation was that he looked like Christian Bale in 2015.

The real question, really, though, is whether the extra muscle is going to slow him up, or help him win his next fight.

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