Conor McGregor Back Tattoo: Meaning and Relevance Explained

The last thing his opponents see.

Conor McGregor Back Tattoo: Meaning and Relevance Explained

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Part of Conor McGregor’s flashy personality is the various tattoos are inked on his body. The Irishman has several images inked on his skin, found on his chest, arms, legs, and back.

Looking at McGregor’s tattoos, they are indeed a work of art. But unlike some individuals who just pick a great design to ink on their bodies, McGregor’s tattoos have greater meaning and relevance.

One such tattoo is a winged crucifix on the back of McGregor’s neck which transcends into a vertical thorny helix running along the Irishman’s back.

A Winged Celtic Cross 

While McGregor has not publicly explained what that tattoo means, the cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and is used by Christians as the main symbol of their faith. It represents the sacrifice that Jesus made for mankind, that he died on the cross to atone for the sins of mankind.

The cross on McGregor’s neck looks like a simple Celtic cross although the start of the thorny helix appears to cover the middle part of it where the distinguishing circle at the middle is supposed to be found. But considering McGregor is Irish and the Celtic cross an integral part of Ireland’s history and culture, that’s what it likely is.

Vertical Thorny Helix

The vertical thorny helix connected to the winged cross that stretches down McGregor’s spine is associated with the crown of thorns that Jesus Christ wore during his crucifixion. 

Jesus Christ was labeled as the King of the Jews and when Pontius Pilate had him nailed on a cross, he mocked Jesus Christ with a thorned crown. In the Christian faith, the crown of thorns symbolizes the great physical pain and suffering endured by Jesus Christ at the hands of his persecutors. 

Conor McGregor is a Catholic

A cross tattoo could simply mean an expression of love, hope, and strength. But for a person of Christian faith, it is also about religion and faith. As far as Conor McGregor is concerned, it got to be the latter.

For all the crazy things he says and does, Conor McGregor is religious and he is a Roman Catholic. That isn’t surprising considering that the majority of Ireland is too. All of McGregor’s three children have been christened with his third child Rian baptized at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, the headquarters of the Catholic faith.

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