Crazy MMA Mismatch During This 3-On-3 Cage Fight Is The UFC Championship We Need Right Now

Because someone thought you know what MMA is really missing? More fighters.

Crazy MMA Mismatch During This 3-On-3 Cage Fight Is The UFC Championship We Need Right Now

We’ve all seen the recent bouts between celebrity boxers fighting each other in the ring, even taking on professionals in some cases, but this 3-on-3 cage fighting might just be the most entertaining fighting match-up yet.

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather was a mismatch I certainly didn’t have on my boxing bingo card, but credit where it’s due Paul managed to hold his own, going the distance with the former welterweight champion and it ended a draw. Paul even secured a contract fighting in the rejuvenated WWE.

This year Logan’s younger brother Jake has stepped up from fighting Love Island star Tommy Fury and is set to get into the boxing ring with Nate Diaz. And whether you’re on the side of the YouTubers securing the payday or a boxing traditionalist, you can’t deny it’s entertaining, but that’s all it is: entertainment. But not this next one…

The Universal Reality Combat Championship, or URCC, is a mixed martial arts fighting competition based out in the Philippines and is the longest-running MMA competition in Asia. The URCC is a breeding ground for world-class Filipino talent and is also the home of the unfathomable 3-on-3 cage fight.

Let’s face it, unless you’ve been training as fiercely as Robert Whittaker for your entire adult life, I don’t think any of us would jump at the chance of going toe-to-toe with three herculean fighters inside the same ring, no matter how many guys we have in our corner.

This is the brutal reality of 3-on-3 cage fighting, a savage showdown between six unrelenting fighters, producing explosive bouts, 1-on-1 fighting in increasingly close quarters, and it’s not uncommon to see some unlucky guy outnumbered against the cage and considering his dwindling chances.

There are three referees to cover the individual – or group – breakdowns throughout the cage; anyone can fight anyone, at any time, and the results are pure chaos:

WATCH 3-on-3 URCC 77 Raw Fury below.

We just wonder how Conor McGregor or Manny Pacquiao would fare in a 3-on-3 fight…