Conor McGregor Does The Unthinkable Whilst Wearing A Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller

Conor McGregor Does The Unthinkable Whilst Wearing A Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller

Conor McGregor’s been out of action since his leg injury during his trilogy loss to Dustin Poirier on July 10, 2021, but that certainly hasn’t stopped the Irish fighter from making headlines, seen below taking a swing at a punching machine whilst wearing a flash gold Rolex.

McGregor’s highly anticipated return to the octagon was initially slated for a comeback fight against Michael Chandler at UFC 296 in Las Vegas on 16 December, but this matchup was cast into doubt after McGregor missed a mandatory drug test and is now outside the USADA testing pool.

To pass the time during his prolonged fighting hiatus, McGregor has spent more time at his Black Forge Inn pub than he has at the gym, seemingly enjoying some much-needed time off before making his long-awaited comeback.

The 34-year-old has still been maintaining his explosive striking skills, however – but this time, against more inanimate opponents. McGregor approaches the punching machine and with a glittery flash of the wrist, it’s clear he’s wearing a lavish $61,000 AUD Gold Rolex Sky-Dweller on his left wrist, and prepares to take a swing.

WATCH Conor McGregor throwing hands whilst wearing a $32k Gold Rolex below.

The Rolex Sky-Dweller is the epitome of luxury, precision, and elegance, making it a prized possession for watch enthusiasts. McGregor’s piece is an 18-carat yellow gold with a champagne-colour dial and an Oysterflex bracelet.

One of the most notable features of the Sky-Dweller is its dual time zone functionality, allowing the wearer to easily track the time in two different time zones simultaneously – something McGregor utilises as a professional fighter on the move.

Conor McGregor’s watch collection is elite, sporting pieces from Rolex, Audemars Piquet and even a diamond-encrusted Hublot.

Whilst McGregor’s punch earned him a devastating score of 860, just shy of the machine’s record set at 879. But one thing is certain: Conor McGregor has a profound appreciation for both horological innovation and exquisite craftsmanship, and he’s not about to take off one of his favourite pieces to throw a few hands.