Colby Covington Claims Jake Paul Is Juiced To The Gills And All His Fights Are Fake

"He's doing every chemical known to man. He's literally a lab project.

Colby Covington Claims Jake Paul Is Juiced To The Gills And All His Fights Are Fake

UFC welterweight Colby Covington accuses Jake Paul of using PEDs and claims that all his fights are scripted.

Colby Covington has never been shy to share his thoughts. During his recent appearance on the SOScast podcast, Chaos was asked about the upcoming Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson boxing bout and the UFC’s No.4 ranked welterweight hurled serious accusations against the former Disney star.

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“I don’t like the fight. Jake’s in his mid-20s. He’s doing every chemical known to man. He’s literally a lab project. They’re juicing him up and his brother so I think it’s gonna end bad. I think Jake’s probably going to knock him out within the first two minutes.” said Covington.

“First off, that footage is not live footage. I could promise you that Mike Tyson’s camp – they had footage filmed from a couple of years ago. So that’s not like the current Mike Tyson. I was actually on a flight with him a couple of weeks ago, we were flying to Vegas together. Sweetest guy in the world. He doesn’t look like that now. And that’s definitely not how he’s hitting pads. That’s from years prior.”

The former interim UFC welterweight champion went on to claim that all of Jake Paul’s accomplishments are rigged. He mentioned Paul fighting tiny Nate Robinson whom he held a huge size and weight advantage against. 

Colby also talked about the Tyron Woodley fight where Paul reportedly made a hand signal that led to the knockout finish. He added that when Jake fought Nate Diaz, the latter took the dive for the money. Chaos went on to say that Jake would never fight him because Paul knows how that’s going to end – him ‘killing’ the celebrity boxer.

Since the Jake Paul vs Iron Mike bout was announced earlier this month, a lot of people have expressed their concern about the soon-to-be 58-year-old Tyson fighting a guy half his age. Although Tyson looked impressive for his age when he last fought inside the boxing ring, the Roy Jones bout was held way back last November 28, 2020. Two years ago, Tyson was walking with the help of a cane.

Meanwhile, Jake has won three fights in a row since suffering his first loss against Tyson Fury’s half-brother Tommy. The younger Fury stands as the only legit boxer that Paul has fought and the only opponent who was truly his size and Paul was decisively beaten. So yes, 

Colby is correct that Jake has been carefully choosing his opponents, including Iron Mike, or the 58-year-old version of him. It’s hard to think that Jake would really risk his career and health against a dangerous Mike Tyson.