Francis Ngannou Weight Loss Hack Is The Secret To His Success

Francis Ngannou Weight Loss

Francis Ngannou dominated the UFC heavyweight division while he was fighting for the promotion. The Predator went 12-2 with 11 knockouts during his UFC tenure, scoring 8 first round stoppages. 

One of the reasons why Ngannou was such a dominant fighter was his size. Not only was he a tall heavyweight at 6-4, the Predator was also a big dude with a walking weight of 285-290 pounds. Of course, Francis had to trim down to the UFC heavyweight limits of 265 pounds during fights but after the weigh-ins, he rehydrates into a massive specimen. 

When he made his debut against Luis Henrique in 2015, Ngannou weighed in at 254 pounds. In his last UFC bout against Cyril Gane, Francis was listed at 257 pounds. So you see, despite being such a huge man, he never missed weight in the UFC and cut weight effectively as he was always well below the heavyweight division’s upper weight limit.

Ngannou’s fighting weight is a proof that he doesn’t have any weight loss issues heading to his fights. This is crucial because fighters who struggle to lose weight are usually sluggish on fight night. In Ngannou’s case however, it has never been a problem and that’s why The Predator was always in tip-top shape during his UFC bouts. 

As he ventured into professional boxing recently, Ngannou did not have weight loss problems as boxing’s heavyweight division has no upper limit. When he fought Tyson Fury, Francis was listed at 272.2 pounds. Meanwhile, when he fought Anthony Joshua, he was at 272.6 pounds, his heaviest fighting weight ever.