Sean O’Malley Threatens To Shoot Fans Who Visit His Arizona Home

It's kill or be killed in UFC.

Sean O’Malley Threatens To Shoot Fans Who Visit His Arizona Home

Sean O’Malley enjoys being a public figure but he wants his fans to respect his private life or else he’s willing to pull the trigger and shoot them.

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC. So it’s no surprise that many MMA fans follow him everywhere he goes. That’s not a problem for O’Malley, it comes with the territory. But it’s clear that Suga draws the line at visits to his private home.

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O’Malley has confessed that he’s received several unwanted visits from fans at his family home in Arizona. With his wife and daughter staying there, he doesn’t want to compromise their privacy and safety. 

“People keep finding my f*****g house, it’s f*****g annoying,” O’Malley said on the TimboSugarShow podcast. “I wanna put a sign way out there on the road that says, ‘If you pass this line, you could be shot…It’s fans, they like me. But that doesn’t mean you can f*****g come to my house. Don’t come to my house.”

“Even if you like me, even if you want to give me a gift, don’t come to my f*****g house. I had security come put crazy security cameras in, and motion lights, it was f*****g expensive. Please don’t come to my f*****g house man.”

You can’t blame O’Malley for his concern. Sean’s UFC 299 opponent Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera found out that someone broke into his house on the night before their bout.

According to Vera’s wife, the thief (or thieves) stole ‘material things’ that the couple worked so hard for, but did not specify what items. Although O’Malley isn’t sure if the people who frequent his place are thieves or not, he isn’t leaving anything to chance.

“I was walking around my property a couple of nights ago because I seen this car outside. Walking around with my pistol, loaded. When my family is at my house, it’s not a game… Chitos house got broken into. I don’t know if somebody’s trying to steal my sh*t… They think oh he’s rich, he’s got money, he’s got shit…I’m ready to kill. I’m walking around with my AR, I’m walking around with my pistol.”

Sean O’Malley

Suga recently announced that he is currently constructing a full-sized Octagon inside his Arizona property so he could train there. It’s unclear if it’s related to this string of unwanted visits but either way, it’s no longer safe to stalk Suga right now because he is locked and loaded.