The NBA Exhibition; Once-In-A-Lifetime Interactive Experience Opens In Australia This Week

Just in time for the 2023/24 season.

The NBA Exhibition; Once-In-A-Lifetime Interactive Experience Opens In Australia This Week

Image: NBA

Few sporting franchises command the same global appeal and reverence as the NBA, yet, for many Australian fans, it has, at times, felt somewhat out of reach. But with the NBA’s popularity steadily surging here in Australia, the world’s premier basketball league is finally touring the country with a uniquely immersive experience.

The NBA’s rich and storied history exists at the intersection of sports, music, fashion and culture; from its mass appeal, celebrity stars and evolving narratives, no sport has been so inherently woven into the very fabric of sports culture and grown to become such a global cultural phenomenon.

It’s always had a home in Australia, with more and more ball fans setting their alarms so they don’t miss their favourite players representing their teams on the hard court. From Josh Giddey to Patty Mills, the land Down Under has consistently produced elite ballers to grace the biggest stage in basketball… and now the NBA is coming to Australia.

Australian NBA fans, sports lovers and sneaker enthusiasts will have the chance to experience the NBA like never before, at the NBA Exhibition that’s set to open in Brisbane this week, on Thursday 9 November.

Image: NBA

Spread across two distinct levels, the NBA Exhibition will debut in Brisbane and tour the rest of the major cities in the country. The NBA Exhibition will boast tailor-made NBA activations for keen Australian basketball fans, showcasing authenticated and signed memorabilia from some of the biggest players in the history of the game such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Steph Curry.

As soon as visitors enter the space, they will enjoy immersive once-in-a-lifetime experiences through personalised NBA activities that will test their abilities, measure their vertical jump heights, and put their reflexes to the test, in addition to demonstrating their superior shooting skills to flex on their mates.

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The NBA Exhibition will take fans on a journey of discovery across 20 themed sections, including Virtual Reality headsets to experience NBA highlights, as well as the Infinity Room, bringing some of the league’s most memorable moments to life with surround sound effects and archive footage.

WATCH The NBA Exhibition is coming to Australia below.

The exhibition will also highlight both current and former Australian NBA players such as Jamal Murray and Josh Giddey in a specially curated section. In addition, it will showcase unique artworks crafted by Australian and First Nations artists, which were originally commissioned for the NBA Gallery held in Sydney last year.

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In essence, this immersive NBA exhibition is more than just a showcase of basketball history; it’s a celebration of culture, lifestyle, and the enduring spirit of competition; it’s a place where you can connect with the past; admire the present; and even glimpse into the future of the NBA.

It’s a reminder that the NBA isn’t just a league; it’s a way of life for millions around the world.

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“The NBA Exhibition delighted fans when it debuted in Europe in 2021, and fans in Australia will get to enjoy the uniquely immersive experience – now with a distinctly Australian flavour – when the exhibition launches in Brisbane,” Lesley Rulloda, NBA Asia Head of Brand Partnerships, said. “Australia’s connection to the NBA runs deep, and we can’t wait to launch The NBA Exhibition to celebrate all things NBA with our fans.”

The NBA Exhibition will debut on Thursday 9 Nov at Queens Plaza, Brisbane, and is set to travel around the country touring Australia’s major cities.