Shaquille O’Neal Reveals The Main Reason Why He Can’t Open Up To Women

Shaq's advice to young men: Catch hoops, not feelings.

Shaquille O’Neal Reveals The Main Reason Why He Can’t Open Up To Women

Shaquille O’Neal has been causing a stir on social media with his latest comments regarding his previous relationships, revealing the one crucial reason why he doesn’t allow himself to open up to a woman.

Shaquille O’Neal was formidable during his NBA playing days; even though the former Lakers star was more than 7ft tall, Shaq was born with dancing feet that belied his towering frame, turning the opposition with ease to free up space on the spin.

In his retirement, the four-time NBA Champion was able to build upon his fame and success in the sports world and has shown similar dexterity to amass an incredible business portfolio, including sports clubs, restaurants, car washes, movie theatres and more.

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Image: Big Chicken

Despite his thriving business ventures, Shaq remained connected to the world of basketball. A familiar face on television screens, he became a fixture on TNT’s Inside the NBA broadcast, providing insightful commentary and analysis alongside fellow experts.

He also has his own podcast series, aptly named The Big Podcast with Shaq, which he hosts alongside sports analyst Adam Lefkoe, in which he offers some of his more unfiltered takes on topics that extend beyond the paradigms of the basketball court.

In a recent episode, the pair welcomed Kountry Wayne to the studio to speak on a host of topics, from the NBA to parenting, however, it was Shaq’s candid remarks on relationships that stirred controversy and sparked debate.

“Open up to a woman? Naw, never,” O’Neal said. “Because you know why? No, I’m going to tell you why. Because once you do, whenever something goes down, they’re gonna throw it back in your face. That’s why.”

Shaq’s response was unexpected yet revealing. We can never assume to know what it’s like to be in Shaquille O’Neal’s (massive) shoes, but it’s clear that the 15-time NBA All-Star has been burned one too many times for his liking, and his advice to fellow “players” couldn’t be clearer.