Kelly Slater Savages Kooks For ‘Trying To Get Their Hero Shot’ In Indonesia

"Beyond comprehension."

Kelly Slater Savages Kooks For ‘Trying To Get Their Hero Shot’ In Indonesia

Kelly Slater has taken to Instagram with a searing screed, after watching a video of a failed duckdive at Kandui ruin (arguably) the wave of a surfer’s life.

Kelly Slater has taken to Instagram with a harsh message about kooks. The message, which takes the form of an Instagram comment on a video by Stab Mag on Instagram, reads: “The number of people in over their heads at places all around the world trying to get their hero shot is beyond comprehension. And dangerous. And the awareness level is even lower than the surfing level.”

The message was inspired by a video of a wave at Kandui (an island in the Mentawais), in which one surfer’s botched duckdive ruins another surfer’s opportunity to get barrelled. Kelly Slater was not the only one up in arms about this, with hundreds of comments raining in condemning the act.

Two choice remarks included: “like scooter kids at a skate park” and “jail for that guy.” Two further comments included: “shouldn’t even be in the water” and “if I did that to someone I’m doing the john john duck dive underwater swim thing all the way home.”

“Imagine spending all that money to go to kandui in peek season and not know how to duck dive.”

Others used the incident as an opportunity to express their grievances about the socio-economic dynamics of the Mentawais (“the only problem is that the guys who are going on surf trips and don’t know how to duck dive tend to have more than enough money to waste”). Meanwhile, others blamed the kook-pocalypse on safety equipment (“everyone straps on a helmet and their impact vest and paddles out thinking a miracle is going to happen”).

Kelly Slater is up in arms about kooks with no awareness…

One commenter, who seems to be claiming responsibility for the failed duckdive, chimed in too, claiming it was just a mistake and not a reflection of his ability. The user wrote: “@kellyslater @lachlan.bugeja2 literally has nothing to do with my awareness level or surfing level. It was a genuine mishap and unfortunately at a horrible time. I paddled over directly to the bloke and apologised. We moved on and the world kept turning. Give it a break @kellyslater.”

The alleged other side of the story. Image via Instagram.

Other comments backing this user up included: “way to chime in there all you dingleberries” and “if only we could live up to your standards, sir. Please forgive us mere peasants. We don’t mean to offend you.”

Another commenter wrote: “@kellyslater it would also be nice if every bloke with a sticker on their board stopped fading anyone they want in a lineup, there is a lot of learnings passed down from the best in this sport that is pretty dogcrap too (agree with your comment) but I’d love to know the board count of everyday guys and girls that have come in with a broken board because the pro on the jet ski at kirra decides he likes the wave your on.”

Finally, another said: “when the GOAT speak we all humans [sic] lisen.” Whether or not you agree with Slater, the listening part is hard to argue with.

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