Aussie Pro Surfer Shares Gruesome Shark Attack Injuries After Fighting-Off Animal

"He handled it like a champ."

Aussie Pro Surfer Shares Gruesome Shark Attack Injuries After Fighting-Off Animal

Image: Rachael Clifford

In a bad day at the office for professional West-Australian surfer Max Marsden, he came under siege from a pretty sizeable shark in an exceptionally rare but terrifying attack. A week later, he took to social media to share his experience… and some pretty grizzly wound pics.

Warning: This article contains graphic imagery of wounds from the attack.

Last week, Byron surfers were put on notice when a new law was proposed that would make it compulsory for riders to wear a leg rope at all times when in the water in an effort to avoid accidental injuries from high-speed boards.

However, a gruesome shark attack last weekend made it clear that flying boards are a long way from the greatest dangers faced by thrill-seeking surfers when hitting the waves…

Professional surfer Max Marsden survived a 1.5m Bronze Whaler shark attack at Lucy’s Beach near Geraldton, Western Australia, early last Sunday morning. The attack was reported at around 7:30 am by a friend who helped Marsden exit the beach.

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Following the attack, Marsden was taken to Geraldton Regional Hospital where he received treatment for non-life-threatening injuries. He has since been discharged and is currently recovering at home, reported to be in good spirits.

The incident is now being investigated by the state’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. According to City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn, it was an “extremely rare and isolated event”, with the last reported incident involving a Bronze Whaler in Western Australia taking place in Perth more than two years ago.

Lucy’s Beach was closed on the day of the attack but has since been re-opened. Understandably, residents have been asked to exercise caution and obey all warning signs, regardless of how rare the attack was deemed to be…

During the attack, Marsden punched the shark multiple times and was helped out of the water by long-time friend Danny Williams, who had been on the shoreline. Williams described how Marsden “was just paddling, like going through the pain”, adding that “he handled it like a champ.”

A week after the attack, Marsden took to social media to show off his wounds and thank those that had taken care of him during the week. He showed the bloody bite marks on his body and board, as well as his stitched-up wound. After saying that it was a “crazy and scary situation to be in”, he went on to add:

“I can’t thank everyone enough… for being by my side every step of the way. Thanks to the nurses, surgeons and hospital staff for looking after me, the jobs that these men and women do are incredible, [they] deserve more money and benefits!”


I’m not much of a surfer myself, so I don’t consider myself at high risk for this kind of incident. If, however, you’re committed enough to be bitting the waves despite the evidently prevalent risks, let this be a reminder to keep your eyes open and fists at the read…