Watch Nick Kyrgios Explode After Losing US Open Quarter Final

Naughty, naughty racquet...

Watch Nick Kyrgios Explode After Losing US Open Quarter Final

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Nick Kyrgios has done some panel beating of the US Open arena, hammering not just one but two racquets into the ground, after shaking his opponent Karen Khachanov and the umpires’ hands. He then slung his bag over his shoulder and walked off.

Call it petulant, call it poor form; mercurial Australian tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios left no doubt in anyone’s minds this tournament that he seriously cares about winning. And though his post match racquet smashing was a bit immature, we reckon it’s a good sign – one that he really, truly wants it.

If you enjoy a bit of vicarious living, check out the video of Kyrgios destroying two racquets in the video below. In the comments on Twitter, people made such remarks about Kyrgios as “I love the passion” and “I’m embarrassed 95% of you were pulling for this petulant man-child.”

WATCH: Nick Kyrgios Destroys Two Of His Own Racquets

Another Tweet about Kyrgios included: “This guy is the best lol. He knows everyone is watching and doesn’t give a damn what ppl think.”

“Blokes an embarrassment. Probably somehow the fault of his player box,” another said.

Others, however, said they have become ‘team Kyrgios’ in recent times, after prematurely judging him before. One wrote: “Nah bro he might be fun to watch but for a lot of people they watch not for tennis but to laugh at him. Every game deserves respect and his attitude of me me me [sic] will keep him from ever being a real serious contender. His histrionics are his downfall and it shows every time.”

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I guess it all, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic has shown us on numerous occasions, comes down to winning. Your results speak for themselves, and people don’t mind a few histrionics so long as you can put your money where your mouth is, which Kyrgios has increasingly been doing in recent times (he has been going deeper and deeper, more and more consistently, into grand slams).

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Next stop: The Australian Open…

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