Got Milk? AFL Rookie Admits He Doesn’t Drink Water, Only Cow Juice

"It's mainly just a taste thing."

Got Milk? AFL Rookie Admits He Doesn’t Drink Water, Only Cow Juice

Greater Western Sydney Giants rookie Jason Gillbee has shocked dieticians (and delighted farmers) across the country after revealing that he’s completely replaced his water intake with milk.

He’s been doing this for the last three years, apparently, prefers full cream and estimates that he drinks 2-2.5 litres every day, “depending on how hot it is”.

“It’s mainly just a taste thing… I just find it so much better than water,” the 18-year-old from Balranald in southwestern New South Wales told The Age. “People say it’s more hydrating than water [but] I don’t know how true that is,” he admits.

Whilst it’s a bizarre (and rather expensive) habit, there’s nothing inherently wrong with drinking that much milk – as long as your body can handle it. Whole cow’s milk is actually one of the most macro-dense foods (or rather drinks) you can consume.

There is also some scientific literature that supports Gillbee’s gut instinct that milk is more hydrating than water. According to a 2015 study from St. Andrews University in Scotland, milk was found to be even more hydrating than plain water because the lactose, protein and fat in milk help to slow the emptying of fluid from the stomach and keep hydration happening over a longer period.

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On top of that, milk also has sodium, which acts like a sponge and holds onto water in the body and results in less urine produced, CNN relates. So there’s a method to Gillbee’s madness.

He might’ve just been drafted to the Giants but we reckon that if he loves milk so much, he should consider switching codes… Go down to Canberra and play for The Milk, mate.