Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Will It Happen & How Much Will The Prize Money Be?

"Boxing's World Cup final."

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Will It Happen & How Much Will The Prize Money Be?

British boxer and two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury said he was retiring from boxing following his fight again Dillian Whyte on 23rd of April 2022. But, Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk has since challenged Fury. Will Tyson Fury come out of retirement? The answer is, potentially, yes.

Tyson Fury has consistently proven he is one of the best boxers to have ever stepped into a boxing ring, and was even ranked as the best active heavyweight boxer by ESPN in August 2022. But, following his much-anticipated fight against Dillian Whyte, which he won by technical knockout, Fury announced his retirement.

Since then, Oleksandr Usyk (who The Ring deem to be the best active heavyweight boxer as of August 2022) has stepped into the ring to fight Anthony Joshua with four heavyweight championship belts on the line. Usyk won the mot recent fight between the pair by split decision (marking the second time he defeated Joshua) and immediately following the match, called out Tyson Fury. Usyk said he “is not fighting at all,” again, unless the fight is against Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury did respond to Usyk’s demands, but had some demands of his own. He said he would fight the Ukrainian, but only for $500 million. He also said promoters have until the 1st of September to arrange it all, otherwise the offer is off the table.

Fury vs Usyk: How much will the prize purse be?

Speaking to TalkSport radio, Fury said “I’ve made it quite clear that I’m retired from boxing, and I’m very happy doing that. However, I would come back, but it would have to be for an obscene amount of money.”

Image: @tysonfury

“Because let’s face it, it’s not Anthony Joshua, who I would fight for free in the UK. If they want me to fight this unknown quantity and give him an opportunity of legendary status in trying to beat me, then they’ve gotta pay for that.”

“They’ve got a week. It’s August 24th today. This fight is purely about money. I’m happily retired. I don’t need money, I’ve got plenty of money.”

One of TalkSport’s hosts asked “Well if it’s not about money, then why does it need to be about money?”

Tyson said, “Because if they want the big Gypsy King to fight, they’ve got to pay an obscene amount of money. It’s the biggest fight in the world, so it needs to be the biggest payday in the world.”

“Mayweather got $400m for [Manny] Pacquio. I want $500m for Usyk.”

Fury vs Usyk: When will it take place?

If boxing promoters are happy to meet Tyson Fury’s demands and stump up $500m cash, then the fight will need to happen before the end of 2022, according to Fury’s promoter, Frank Warren.

Speaking to SecondsOut after Tyson made his demands on TalkSport, Frank said “this fight needs to happen this year.”

Fury vs Usyk: Where will it be held?

Frank Warren also said the Fury vs Usyk fight (if it happens) can’t take place in the UK. He said “Cardiff just isn’t big enough and we can’t generate the income down there that you can generate at Wembley, which is the natural home for it.”

Usyk landing a right-hander on Anthony Joshua. Image: @usykaa

“So we’ve got to look abroad. The places where it would work would be the Middle East and a couple of other places that we’ve had some loose discussions with. [Both fighters] are undefeated and there’s four belts on the line, it will be something special. It’s boxing’s World Cup final.”

Fury vs Usyk: What belts will be on the line?

According to Sporting News, Oleksandr Usyk currently holds the main five heavyweight championship belts: WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO, which he won off of Anthony Joshua after Usyk beat him in London in September 2021.

Usyk then also won The Ring heavyweight title – which was formally Tyson Fury’s – after Usyk beat Anthony Joshua again. Tyson Fury effectively gave up The Ring belt when he announced his retirement.

Fury has, however, reportedly told the WBC (World Boxing Council) in writing that he would compete for the title again.

Fury vs Usyk: Will it happen?

Frank also said that ultimately, the Fury vs Usyk fight will only happen if a venue and a host nation is willing to stump up the cash. He added that both Fury and Usyk are more than willing for it to happen, since Usyk called out Fury specifically and Fury responded with his sky high financial demands.

All that’s left is for a venue to be decided.

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