The Best Melbourne Boxing Gyms That Will Unleash Your Inner-Ali

The first rule of fight club is you don't talk about fight club. Lucky you found this Melbourne boxing gyms guide.

Boxing Gyms Melbourne

Step into any run-of-the-mill gym and you’ll likely find a couple of punching bags hung up somewhere just begging to be hit. Sure, they’re there to help you improve your strength and technique, but if you want to make the transition from complete amateur to a boxer with genuine potential, then only a dedicated boxing gym will suffice.

Of course, you needn’t attend a boxing gym with the sole intention of becoming the next Anthony Joshua or Floyd Mayweather, as boxing as a fitness discipline has plenty to offer. It can help you burn fat, improve your strength tenfold and, as we’re sure any keen boxer is willing to admit, can be amazing at helping you relieve any pent up stress or anger in a legal manner.

Boxing gyms will also be run by professionals who genuinely know what they’re talking about, so will be able to teach you the techniques and rectify any mistakes you’re making, turning you into the brawler you’ve always wanted to become.

That’s especially true for Melburnians, as the Victoria city is home to its fair share of boxing gyms, all waiting to welcome you with open punching pads and a ring for you to lay down your best moves. Several of them aren’t restricted to just traditional boxing, either, as they also offer training for various forms of ring-based fighting, such as Muay Thai boxing and kickboxing.

Here are the best boxing gyms in Melbourne, some in and around Melbourne CBD and others in the surrounding suburbs.

Powerplay Boxing

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - Powerplay Boxing

Powerplay Boxing describes itself as a combat sports fitness centre, due to the fact it offers teaching and training not just in traditional boxing, but kickboxing and Muay Thai, with all ability levels catered for. Training is undertaken in classes, split into skill level, so you’re not going to be paired with a boxing veteran on your first day, but if you want a more one-on-one approach, personal training is available too. If you’re completely new to boxing and just want to find out if it’s for you, then Powerplay Boxing also offers a free trial.

Address: 66 Holmes Street, Brunswick, 3056

Phone: 03 8383 9151

The Fighter’s Factory

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - The Fighter's Factory

The Fighters Factory offers a versatile approach to boxing. You can either train on a pay-as-you-go basis, dropping to have a go on the punching bags whenever time (or motivation) allows or you can sign up to the boxing circuit training, which will put you through a similar training regime to a professional boxer, but without the need to fight it out in the ring.

Fighters Factory also offers one-on-one training so you can really hone your skills and finally, the gym holds weekly Fight Nights that you can both compete in and spectate at.

Address: 3-5 Blackburn Road, Blackburn, 3130

Phone: 03 9877 7344

Prestige Gym

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - Prestige Gym

Catering for inner-city CBD workers, Prestige Gym is centrally located, meaning you can finish work and head straight to the punching bags in no time at all. Don’t go thinking your boxing experience will be treated with a light-hearted approach: this is another serious fighter’s gym that will push you to become a beast in the ring. If it’s the boxing route you go down (Prestige also offers training in kickboxing and Muay Thai) then you’ll start by being shown the basics, before being allowed to spar with other similarly-skilled members and eventually progressing into amateur ring fighting.

Address: Level 2, 181 King Street, Melbourne, 3000

Phone: 0416 522 744

Richmond Boxing Club

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - Richmond Boxing Club

Also known as Leo Berry’s Boxing, Richmond Boxing Club gets its alias from legendary trainer Leo Berry and is one of the most important community institutions within Richmond. Run largely on the back of donations and volunteer work, Richmond Boxing is about as close to a Rocky story as it’s possible to find in Australia, helping countless disadvantaged youths, school groups and community youth organisations alike. It’s still a serious boxing gym though, combining group circuit classes with specialised training for those wanting to get competitive with their fighting.

Address: 7 Gleadell Street, Richmond, 3121

Phone: 0412 742 645


Melbourne Boxing Gyms - FightFit

Much more of a fitness-based boxing centre, FightFit is perfect for anyone looking to develop their boxing skills in a less pressurised, group-based setting. Of course, if you want to take your fighting a bit more seriously, you can do so with personal training, and all trainers have extensive fighting experience across both boxing and kickboxing. They also have two locations with one in South Melbourne and the other in Collingwood.

Address: 29 White Street, South Melbourne, 3205

Phone: 1300 FIGHTFIT

North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness

Just a 10-minute drive from Melbourne CBD will bring you to North Melbourne Boxing & Fitness. A huge space, with 400sqm of training floor, 26 punching bags and two boxing rings, alongside other training equipment and weights, you can be sure you’ll drop the pounds and pile on the muscle.

Training is delivered via classes which cater to boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, while HIIT classes that employ the use of boxing training techniques will see your cardio fitness skyrocket.

Address: 64 Sutton Street, North Melbourne, 3051

Phone: 03 9328 8815

Fitness Ring

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - Fitness Ring

Fitness Ring is a boutique boxing studio that was founded in 2008 and is run by a husband and wife team. Husband Nick is a former professional boxer with an 11-year career, who has now turned his hand to teaching the next wave of professional fighters. Training comes in the form of various classes that include boxing, bootcamp, HIIT and a combination of boxing and yoga to name a few, but should you want a more intimate training program, you can take out personal training sessions too.

Address: 488 Victoria Street, Richmond, 3121

Phone: 0407 961 874

The Gym

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - The Gym

This cleverly-named gym in Yarraville understands people don’t always have the time to dedicate to keeping fit and so structures its classes to deliver the best possible results in the least amount of time. The Gym hosts boxing classes throughout each week, alongside strength and conditioning classes to help further improve strength levels, while also improving cardiovascular fitness.

We love that membership options are incredibly simple, you join for either six or twelve months for a low-cost weekly amount, which gives you access to unlimited classes and the full gym facilities in return.

Address: 246 Hyde Street, Yarraville, 3013

Phone: 03 9689 7700

Fighters Xpress

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - Fighters Xpress

What started out as an intense fighter’s gym has since grown into a fitness centre that’s welcoming of all abilities and fitness or fighting goals. Not only does Fighters Xpress offer first-class boxing training, delivered by former fighters, but the gym also offers Muay Thai and MMA training, so you’ll easily be able to find a style of fighting that suits you best. That process is made even easier by the fact Fighters Xpress offers all potential new members a seven-day free trial.

Address: 6/111-115 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong, 3175

Phone: 03 8752 3790

Dohertys Gym City

Melbourne Boxing Gyms - Dohertys

Dohertys Gym offers a couple of features that may well persuade you to sign up. Or not, as it were, as the gym has an incredibly affordable pay-as-you-visit fee, and you can visit any hour of any day, and have a member of staff on hand to help you should you need it. It’s also found underground beneath some train tracks.

While it’s not necessarily a dedicated boxing gym, since it has traditional gym equipment and facilities such as treadmills, Dohertys does have a boxing room complete with its own ring, so you can put your punching skills to the test.

If the City location isn’t convenient for you, then Dohertys has other venues around Melbourne, in Brunswick, Dandenong and Campbellfield.

Address: 367 Flinders Street, Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne, 3000

Phone: 03 9621 1022

HIIT Factory Northcote

This iconic gym’s mantra is that group workouts create a fun workout environment and a safe place for you to improve fitness. No matter if you’re looking to transform your body drastically or in need of some toning up, HIIT Factory Northcote offer a wide range of classes, catering to every kind of skill level. Aside from providing boxing classes, HIIT Factory Northcote also offers heaps for different workout sessions that specialise in High-Intensity Interval Training.

The owner of HIIT Factory Northcote owner Colette McShane has built a fitness empire as she’s s incredibly passionate about helping her customers reach their fullest potential while instilling a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re new to this gym, get started with an introductory offer that’s a 7-day trial pass valued at $29. What better is way there to kick start your training?

Address: 50 Gadd St, Northcote VIC 3070

Phone: 0418 594 286

Mischa’s Boxing Central

This gym was founded by former Australian national boxing champion Mischa Merz, now a world-class boxing coach known for pioneering women’s boxing. This iconic gym based in Footscray is where old school boxing techniques meet the new brave world, with a gritty gym atmosphere where customers can expect they’ll reach their personal best.

However, if you want to try before you buy, Mischa’s Boxing Central offer a free first place; you can have a little taste before committing to a membership.

Address: 23 Youell St, Footscray VIC 3011

Phone: 0408 012 299