Daniel Ricciardo Half Court Shot Sends Crowd Wild

Honey Badger, money shot.

Daniel Ricciardo Half Court Shot Sends Crowd Wild

When athletes branch out into different sports, it doesn’t always end well.

Conor McGregor has a great MMA record but a rather disappointing boxing record. Usain Bolt might be the fastest man alive, but that didn’t help him on the football field. And you can call Michael Jordan the GOAT when it comes to basketball, but he certainly wasn’t or isn’t when it comes to baseball.

But what about Australian Formula One phenom Daniel Ricciardo? Now that’s a whole other story.

Not only is ‘The Honey Badger’ one of the most competitive F1 drivers alive today, but he’s proven to be a dab hand at a variety of other sports. Earlier this year, he showed off his skills on the golf course – and now he’s proven that he ain’t no slouch when it comes to basketball, too.

Goofing off at the Phoenix Suns’ practice court, Ricciardo was dared to go for a half-court shot… And the man bloody well nailed it on his first go. Is there anything Ricky can’t do?

Ricciardo was uncharacteristically gobsmacked by his own performance, which delighted social media – especially other Aussie celebrities, like mixed martial artist and current UFC Featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and awarded singer/songwriter G Flip, who were both gushing over Ricciardo’s flawless basket.

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2020 was a big year for Ricciardo, who came fifth in the 2020 Formula One World Championship’s Driver Standings, behind Mexico’s Sergio Pérez, Holland’s Max Verstappen, Finland’s Valtteri Bottas and Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, who took home a record seventh Driver’s Championship this year.

2021 will see Ricciardo wrap things up with current team Renault and join young gun Lando Norris over at McLaren, one of a number of reshuffles in 2021. Ricciardo is replacing Carlos Sainz Jr., who’s replacing Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari, who’s replacing Sergio Pérez at Aston Martin (which was called Racing Point in 2020), who’s replacing Alexander Albon at Red Bull. Phew!

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