Lewis Hamilton Scores One Of A Kind, Australian-Made Surfboard

Brand new steed.

Lewis Hamilton Scores One Of A Kind, Australian-Made Surfboard

Image Credit: @haydenshapes

Lewis Hamilton has had a busy couple of years. The Formula One GOAT has shown off a war-ready watch, inadvertently exposed Australia’s favourite past time on a t-shirt and succumbed to the internet’s most unfairly maligned ‘sport.’

He’s also done a spot of Formula One racing…

But we’re not here to talk about his second place result at the United States GP. We’re here to talk about one of Hamilton’s hobbies – surfing.

Hamilton has been spotted on various occassions enjoying the sport of kings. He has been invited to surf Kelly Slater’s famous wave pool (where he used Kelly Slater’s ‘Firewire’ brand of surfboards), as well as been photographed honing his skills at various beaches around the world. He has even had a crack at an Australian wave pool (by the looks of it, Urbansurf in Melbourne), riding boards by the Northern Beaches based surfboard shaper Hayden Cox.

It appears Hamilton well and truly has the bug for surfing, with the Formula One driver today being tagged in a Haydenshapes Instagram story, showing off a new surfboard for Hamilton, in their Mona Vale, Sydney, store. Haydenshapes has confirmed to DMARGE it is a custom board made just for Hamilton.

The board is a yellow version of The Holy Grail, one of Haydenshapes’ most iconic boards of recent years (behind the Hypto Krypto). The board, in one of the videos posted by Haydenshapes (watch below), can also be seen next to a mysterious looking red swallow tail (which appears to be one of Haydenshapes’ new Hypto Krypto twins).

Lewis Hamilton’s one of a kind new Australian-made surfboard

The Holy Grail sits a little above Haydenshapes’ best selling classic – the Hypto Krypto – in terms of ability to perform tight critical moves. It’s also: “a board that your average surfer can ride and catch a lot of waves, but experienced surfers can also push this board into some very high performance waves and manoeuvres,” Haydenshapes’ website states.

That in mind, though Hamilton might not reach quite the speeds he is accustomed to on the racetrack on his new steed, who knows what the future holds for his shredding skills. It appears he is progressing as a surfer and we – and premium surfboard makers all around the world, presumably – are all for it.

He just better make sure he doesn’t rock off in the wrong spot, if he’s ever in town, lest he incur the wrath of Sydney’s Swellnet commenters

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