Sergio Pérez’ Naughty Monaco Party Lands Him In Hot Water

Cheeky Checo.

Sergio Pérez’ Naughty Monaco Party Lands Him In Hot Water

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Red Bull driver Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez has found himself in hot water after videos and photos circulated of him online enjoying himself a little bit too much after winning the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix.

The 32-year-old Mexican’s win in Monaco last weekend marked his third-ever Grand Prix win, as well as his first win of the 2022 season. Monaco is a difficult and highly prized race for F1 drivers, so it was a real coup for Pérez, who seems to finally be moving out of the shadow of his teammate and reigning World Champion, Max Verstappen.

Pérez also inked a two-year contract extension with Red Bull during the Monaco race weekend, so Checo had plenty to celebrate… But all that success might have gone to his head, with the fiesty driver now having to face some difficult questions.

Social media photos and videos have emerged of Pérez partying in Monte Carlo after his win where he’s spotted getting rather up close and personal with two women who aren’t his wife… Others have shown him looking rather worse for wear after a long night – we think more than a few shots of tequila were had.

In response, Checo posted a long public apology on Instagram to his wife, Mexican socialite Carola Martínez. Translated from Spanish, the post read:

“I have seen the videos that have been circulating about me and I take responsibility for it. It was a bad party that I didn’t know how to control at the height of the person that I am, but it was just that, a very bad party.”

“People close to me know my values and the type of person that I am. For those who ask me, we are more united than ever, me and my wife.”

Sergio Pérez

“And for those who just want to hurt us, I wish you the best. Thank you all for your love and I apologise to all the people who love me because those videos don’t represent me not at all. We will not talk about this topic anymore, which only makes us forget the great moment we are living as a family. Thank you.”


It’s an awkward moment that’s detracted somewhat from Pérez’s impressive win. He’s now emerged as a serious 2022 title contender alongside Verstappen and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc – an exciting prospect for fans, and somewhat of a problem for Red Bull (but ultimately a good problem to have).

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“For me, this has been an incredible week, winning the Monaco Grand Prix is a dream for any driver and then to follow that with announcing I will continue with the team until 2024 just makes me extremely happy,” Pérez told media after the win.

“I am so proud to be a member of this team and I feel completely at home here now. We are working very well together and my relationship with Max, on and off the track, is definitely helping drive us forward even more.”

“We have built tremendous momentum as a team and this season is showing that, I am excited to see where that can take us all in the future.”

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