Lewis Hamilton Takes Mercedes’ Problems Into His Own Hands

Weigh to go, champ.

Lewis Hamilton Takes Mercedes’ Problems Into His Own Hands

Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes-AMG F1 team haven’t exactly had the best time during the course of the 2022 calendar. Now, it seems, Lewis is showing he’s a true team player and doing everything he can to help the team improve.

Lewis Hamilton, still reeling from the controversial ending to the 2021 Formula 1 Championship, has yet to get back to his winning ways and dominance in the sport in 2022. The Mercedes F1 team he races for has been littered with problems since the introduction of new rules which primarily revolve around the car’s floor.

As BBC Sport says, “it is flexing in an uncontrolled way, and this is triggering the aerodynamic instability – ‘porpoising’ or bouncing.” While results in the last few races have started to show signs of promise – Lewis has finished third in each of the last 3 races – it’s still apparent that more needs to be done if Mercedes and team boss Toto Wolff hope to get their star driver onto the top step of the podium.

Watch Lewis Hamilton doing everything to make his car faster below

Now, it seems Lewis Hamilton is taking matters into his own hands by aiming to lose some body fat. Posting on his Instagram story some 21 hours ago (at the time of writing) Lewis records himself going for a run (presumably in his home of Monaco, seeing as the next F1 race is being held in France) and claiming “Got a lot of fat to burn off, time to double down!!”

His latest weight recording showed him to be 73kg which, is (slightly) more than the likes of Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, who both reportedly weigh under 70kg.

Lewis has previously spoken about the dramatic effect his weight can have on his car’s performance. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Lewis has claimed, “if I’m even a kilo overweight, I can lose up to 2-seconds in the race distance. So my weight is very important.”

While it’s not clear, nor apparent, that Lewis is currently carrying so much weight that it is influencing or exaggerating his car’s bouncing problems, perhaps he is trying to help in his own small way (or maybe he was just going for a run…).

In a separate Instagram story, Lewis also revealed he was about to put himself through a workout with his physiotherapist and assistant, Angela Cullen. Lewis is no stranger to keeping himself fit, of course and has even previously admitted his bodyweight can fluctuate by 2-3kg a week depending on his training regime and water and food intake.

He’s also a master at looking after his mental health, and has previously turned to adrenaline-fuelled activities, such as skydiving, to ensure his mind remains calm.

So, a simple jog around the streets of Monaco should be plenty enough for Sir Lewis to shed some excess fat and mentally prepare himself before the next race in the Grand Prix calendar, which will be the French Grand Prix on the 22nd – 24th July at the Circuit Paul Ricard.

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