Formula 1’s Cheapest & Most Expensive 2023 Race Tickets Revealed

"Cash is king."

Formula 1’s Cheapest & Most Expensive 2023 Race Tickets Revealed

Image: Gareth Harford

Everyone knows Formula 1 is a rich man’s sport… But sometimes even just getting tickets to your local Grand Prix can be a pretty expensive exercise.⁠

The 2023 Formula 1 World Championship kicks off in Bahrain next month and ticket prices for all 23 races on the schedule have finally been revealed – some of which might surprise you.⁠

Case in point: general admission tickets for the cheapest race on the calendar, the Mexico City Grand Prix, will only set you back around AU$81… Whereas GA for the Miami Grand Prix, the most expensive race on the calendar (no, it’s not Monaco, surprisingly) cost an eye-watering $855, Speedcafe reports.

That’s assuming you can even get your hands on the cheapest tickets, as many races have already seen tickets fly out the door. For example, Australian fans hoping to catch a glimpse when cars finally hit the track on race day in Melbourne will have to skip the sold-out single-day tickets and instead grab a 4-day general admission pass, now selling for $324.95, up from $250 when they first went on sale in December.

As it turns out, the Australian Grand Prix isn’t the only race experiencing unprecedented demand, with tickets completely gone for the Spanish, Canadian and Dutch GPs – price be damned. Even the cheapest VIP ticket to see a summer race in Monaco will set you back over $3900. Austria and Belgium are now the only rounds between June and September that have not yet sold out of general admission passes.

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, the home of the Belgian Grand Prix, is widely considered one of the best tracks in F1 – yet tickets are still available for those who want to catch it. Image: Alpine

Despite the squeeze, North America is attempting to open up capacity after the United States Grand Prix in Austin completely sold out, adding extra grandstands to the Miami GP and slotting a new Las Vegas round into the race calendar in November.

Racegoers shouldn’t think these spaces come without pain though, with three-day tickets to the Vegas round costing an eye-watering $12,100 – bundled together as part of an all-inclusive ‘hospitality’ package in typical Sin City style.  

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That is not to say it is all doom and gloom for fans this season, as cheaper tickets are still available or yet to be released for many of the rounds toward the end of the calendar leading up to the season’s final race in Abu Dhabi in November.

Tickets still haven’t been released for the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Image: Formula 1

Additionally, the Italian and São Paulo rounds in May and November also have tickets on offer for a reasonable $139.50 and $281.88 respectively.

Take it as a sign, shall we? Time for a boys’ trip!