Oscar Piastri In Trouble With Family After MotoGP Visit at Silverstone 

"Move away from the bike Oscar Jack Piastri."

Oscar Piastri In Trouble With Family After MotoGP Visit at Silverstone 

Image: Formula 1

You’d think that halfway through Oscar Piastri’s debut season in Formula 1, his mum might be used to the idea of the young Australian driver speeding around the track at scintillating speed… well you’d be wrong.

Oscar Piastri has enjoyed a strong start to life in the fast lane, consistently finishing in the points during his debut Formula 1 season and even flirting with a Top 3 finish at Silverstone.

Conversely, the McLaren driver didn’t have the best luck in Belgian; heading into the first corner Piastri made contact with Carlos Sainz sneaking through the pinch point of the first turn at Spa, and was forced to retire shortly after.

It wasn’t the best way to mark the start of the F1 summer break, but McLaren will be pleased with the immense progress shown in his rookie season, with the break offering the first opportunity for Piastri to rest and reflect on the season so far… Or so they thought.

On a trip to Silverstone for the MotoGP, Piastri suggested to his social media followers that through the summer break, he might turn his attention to bikes, saying: “On a break from 4 wheels so thought I’d have a go at 2.” This didn’t go down well with his mum Nicole who replied to her son’s tweet with, “Move away from the bike Oscar Jack Piastri.”

Piastri proves that even though you’re one of the most exciting emerging drivers in Formula 1, with fans cheering for you all over the world, you’re never too big to get told off by your mum – with his full name, no less.

F1 fans will be pleased to know Piastri’s not ready to give up the steering wheel just yet, and returns to the season with McLaren for the Dutch Grand Prix at the end of August. McLaren sits fifth in the Formula 1 Constructors’ this season with 103 points, but recent upgrades to the car have come at a crucial time, and the two papayas will return to Zandvoort emboldened by their recent uptake in form.

Just stay off the bikes where you can Oscar, or you might end up like Toto.