Inside Formula 1’s First-Ever Shoey Bar Inspired by Daniel Ricciardo And Australia’s Famous Pastime

If you can't beat 'em...

Inside Formula 1’s First-Ever Shoey Bar Inspired by Daniel Ricciardo And Australia’s Famous Pastime

MGM Resorts has promised to offer Formula 1 fans attending the Las Vegas Grand Prix a once-in-a-lifetime experience inspired by one of Australia’s favourite drivers.

Fans attending the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix are in for what promises to be the biggest sporting event of the calendar year; with global musical acts and performers, world-class hospitality packages from celebrity chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Chef Wolfgang Puck, the Las Vegas Grand Prix is going to be off the charts.

100,000 people are expected to descend on Sin City for every day of the Grand Prix weekend and businesses around the Strip have been quick to capitalise on the looming influx of avid Formula 1 fans, and one Vegas institution in particular is a shoo-in for the most innovative race day activation.

Hotel Bellagio, the iconic Las Vegas institution that sits along the Strip has introduced a specially curated cocktail that fans can enjoy out of a Formula 1 driver’s shoe, paying tribute to Formula 1’s most loveable Australian character.

Starting today, 16 November, until this Saturday, 18 November, the Bellagio is pulling out all the stops for a once-in-a-lifetime Grand Prix event like no other. In honour of AlphaTauri driver Daniel Ricciardo, MGM Resorts will offer fans the chance to revel in the glory of a Formula 1 Grand Prix win and sample the delights made popular by Australia’s favourite son on the podium.

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“At the Shoey Bar, we invite you to tap into that exhilarating feeling of victory, immersing yourself in the very essence of your favourite sport,” an MGM Resorts statement read.

“Slip into our genuine MGM-branded driving shoes, fill them with your beverage of choice, and raise a triumphant toast, just like your racing heroes do on the podium. Experience the rush, savour the glory, and celebrate your passion for racing with us!”

Image: MGM Resorts

Starting with the Shoey Bar, fans will have the chance to purchase branded racing shoes with a waterproof lining to allow you to sip – or skull – your drink just like your favourite driver. Then, a Ferrari pop-up boutique allows fans to immerse themselves in the overlapping of cultures to experience the seams between Formula 1, Ferrari and fashion.

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“People have been to big races, people have enjoyed Las Vegas – but the way the two will come together in November will make for an unprecedented weekend,” said Andrew Lanzino, MGM Resorts’ Vice President of Citywide Events.

“With so many MGM Resorts destinations within a short walk of the track, we have an unmatched opportunity to create a neighbourhood experience where there is something for everyone and the party never ends.”