Who Are Lewis Hamilton’s Parents? A Look into the Lives of the Icons Behind the Champion

Lewis Hamilton is the seven-time Formula 1 World Champion with McLaren and Mercedes and can boast the most Formula 1 Grand Prix wins of any driver in the history of the sport. Here we'll look at Lewis Hamilton's childhood, Lewis Hamilton's parents and what life was like before he became the sport's undisputed GOAT.

Who Are Lewis Hamilton’s Parents? A Look into the Lives of the Icons Behind the Champion

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Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver, and the only Black driver on the Formula 1 grid. Hamilton’s father, Anthony Hamilton, is Black British and of Grenadian descent, whilst his mother, Carmen Larbalestier is White British.

Throughout Lewis Hamilton’s celebrated career, the issues of race and his nationality have bizarrely been topics of discussion for racing fans all over the world. From Nelson Piquet’s insensitive comments made after the 2021 British Grand Prix to claims the British driver was racially abused by rival F1 fans, Lewis Hamilton has been consistently forced to attest to his heritage.

In 2007, Lewis Hamilton became the first Black driver to ever compete in Formula 1; a significant milestone given the steps the sport has taken in recent years to evolve into a more inclusive sport, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Lewis Hamilton is mixed race; his father Anthony Haimilsotn is Black British and of Grenadian descent, whilst, his mother, Carmen Larbalestier, is White British. They separated when a young Lewis Hamilton was only two years old. Carmen remarried Raymond Lockhart and had two children Samantha and Nicola. Lewis spent most of his childhood with his mother and stepdad until he was 12 years old.

Hamilton then lived with his father and stepmum Linda after that. Anthony and Linda had one child – Nicolas, seven years Lewis’ junior, who suffers from cerebral palsy – although Nicolas overcame that disease to become a professional driver.

When Lewis was five years old, his father Anthony brought him a remote-controlled car inspiring a young Lewis Hamilton to discover a new-found love for racing. The following year, Hamilton finished second in the British Radio Car Association. Lewis’ brother, Nicolas also received a go-kart as a birthday gift from his dad when he turned six years old.

Lewis Hamilton’s parents’ jobs

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Anthony Hamilton supported Lewis’ dreams of becoming one of the best drivers in the world. To do that, he took multiple jobs – and even went as far as having four jobs at one time just to make ends meet.

All his hard work paid off as Lewis went on to become one of the most successful drivers in the sport.

When did Lewis Hamilton change his name?

In 2022, Lewis announced that he would be changing his name to incorporate his biological mother’s surname Larbalestier. Although that change does not affect how he is officially addressed in the F-1 circles, Hamilton’s official name now does include his mom’s surname.

“I don’t really fully understand the whole idea of why, when people get married, the woman loses her name. I really want her name to continue on with the Hamilton name” Hamilton said at the Dubai Expo in 2022.

“I already have my grandad’s name from my dad’s side in mine – Davidson – and I wanted my mum and grandad’s name. It was going to be a surprise, I was going to tell her first but I let it slip out. My mum was very happy, proud and emotional. I have already applied. It won’t be a surname – it will be an addition to my middle name.”