It’s Official: Formula 1 Driver Valtteri Bottas Is An Honorary Australian

It's perfect timing ahead of a home Grand Prix.

It’s Official: Formula 1 Driver Valtteri Bottas Is An Honorary Australian

Finnish Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas was handed an honorary Australian citizenship in Adelaide this weekend at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival… confirming what we’ve been saying for years.

We’re not entirely sure when it happened. It could’ve been when Bottas first sported the glorious mullet that effortlessly flowed in the wind; or the tradie-inspired moustache. Perhaps it was the budgy smugglers running across the beach; the surfing lessons before the 2024 Formula 1 season; or cycling trips through the rolling Adelaide hills.

Take your pick. Throughout the last two years, Finnish Formula 1 driver Valtteri Bottas has seemingly enjoyed his steady transition into a fully-fledged Australian. Now he’s even got the certificate to prove it.

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Just a week ahead of the annual Australian Grand Prix held in Melbourne’s Albert Park where Valtteri Bottas’ face is spread across promotional posters next to Australian drivers Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo, the Sauber driver was getting his racing fix at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival.

Racing alongside Australian driver Craig Lowndes, Bottas was cruising through the track in an array of classic Australian and Formula 1 cars from the 1980s, before taking to the stage for a Q&A session. Standing in front of a keen crowd of motor racing enthusiasts, Bottas was then handed an Honorary Aussie cap from the Speedcafe, in a presentation led by Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft.

Image: Speedcafe

Valtteri Bottas has enjoyed spending more and more time in Adelaide since meeting his partner, Australian Olympic cyclist Tiffany Cromwell. The pair have held large cycling events in Australia and his native Finland and even spent their first Christmas Down Under last year.

Bottas heads to Melbourne this weekend for the Australian Grand Prix, racing for the first time under his team’s new name and colours, Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber, hoping to improve on his previous result of P11 in 2023.