Who Is Angela Cullen? Lewis Hamilton’s Former Performance Coach

Widely credited for helping Hamilton win four consecutive F1 world championships from 2017 to 2020, the New Zealand-born Cullen was Lewis Hamilton's performance coach and as such, ensured that that the British driver was always in peak form.

Who Is Angela Cullen? Lewis Hamilton’s Former Performance Coach

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Angela Cullen is a physiotherapist and former field hockey player who worked for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team from 2015 to 2023. Her primary responsibility was to assist seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton to maintain peak physical and mental fitness throughout the enduring F1 season.

How long did Angela Cullen work for Lewis Hamilton?

Cullen joined the Hinsta Performance Company in 2015 and after the death of company founder Aki Hinsta, who was Hamilton’s mentor, she took over as the physiotherapist and assistant for the Mercedes driver. Cullen also doubled as Lewis’ chauffeur and confidante while becoming one of the most important persons of his life on and off the racetrack.

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“People for sure won’t understand it, naturally, because they see it from a distance, but she has been one of the greatest things that’s happened to me in my life,” said Hamilton. “I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of people… and she’s the single hardest-working woman that I get to be around. She’s focused, selfless, and makes my weekend peaceful,” Hamilton told F1.

Last March, Cullen revealed that she parted ways with Mercedes and will no longer be working with Hamilton moving forward. Neither she nor Mercedes provided a specific reason for her departure, but the New Zealander said that she would be taking a “new adventure.”

After parting ways, Hamilton penned an emotional message to Cullen on Instagram.

“For the last seven years @cullen_angela has been by my side, pushing me to be the best version of myself,” Hamilton wrote.

“I am a stronger athlete and a better person because of her. So today I hope you’ll join me in wishing her the very best as she takes her next steps to pursue her dreams. Thank you for everything Ang, I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you.”

Since their split, Cullen has kept her high-octane lifestyle as she’s posted Instagram photos while skydiving, surfing, and skiing. She also visited the Muay Thai/Kickboxing and Fitness destination Bali Training Centre and seems to be having a good time away from the Formula 1 picture.

In January 2023, Angela shared her daily routine. She exercises daily, gazes at the sun early in the morning to set her biorhythms, which helps her sleep better at night. She also eats whole unprocessed food, fasts intermittently either 20/4 or 18/6, takes protein shakes, and consumes electrolytes to keep her body moving. Angela enjoys her coffee, prioritizes sleep, and engages in resilience/stress training to kickstart her body.

In partnership with Movement, she elaborated on the brand’s mission to create the best skis for mountain exploration.

Additionally, Angela met with Rich Roll, one of the best podcasters, who helped her understand and navigate her life.

Angela’s dreams include being a fighter pilot and flying the F16 precisely. In anticipation of that feat, she paraglided alone. She also had yoga sessions with Julie Piatt, went skydiving from a plane, and visited Bali.