Cristiano Ronaldo’s Salary Is More Than You’ll Get In A Lifetime


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Salary Is More Than You’ll Get In A Lifetime

Ever wondered how your salary stacks up with Cristiano Ronaldo’s? Here’s a PSA: don’t.

As per his 120 million euro deal with Serie A leaders Juventus, CR7 is set to receive 120,000,000 euros over the next four years, which equates to 189,000,000 Australian dollars.

This breaks down into AU$47 million per year, AU$4 million per month, AU$913 thousand per week, AU$130 thousand per day, AU$5.5 thousand per hour, AU$91 per minute and AU$1.50 per second. There’s also another way to measure it: but we’ll get to that…

This salary—more than 3 times that of the next highest paid player in the league—reflects Juventus’ attempt to clinch not just another Serie A title, but to become an even more lethal Champions League threat.

Despite the controversy around his departure from Madrid, it’s unlikely Ronaldo will be too upset, especially considering that earning AU$5,431 an hour, “Means that the Portuguese superstar can earn up to AU$43,448 during an eight-hour sleep,” (via Fox Sports). If that’s not a productive siesta; I don’t know what is.

Anyway, as the average Australian earns $6,528 per month, this means that old mate “tear drop” thigh’s daily salary is more than 20 times the average Aussie’s monthly pay cheque.

Or, if that comparison isn’t eye-watering enough, consider this: if Juventus plays 50 games per year (which, when you include extra curricular comps like the Champions League, they normally do), that means that Ronaldo gets paid AU$940,000 per game.

This equates to AU$10,444 per minute; AU$3916 more than the average monthly salary ($6,528) of an Australian citizen.

However, contrary to what you might expect, instead of invoking social outrage, this fact has actually prompted a nuanced salary cap debate betweens Australians, Americans and Europeans alike.

Some people, however, forget that Australia has a salary cap.

Whether this cap is draconian, or a smart way to grow domestic Aussie football slowly and sustainably, the fact remains that Ronaldo, who earns AU$47 a season, makes more than the entire A league (excluding marquees who are outside the AU$2.928m per team salary cap) put together.

He also, as this list (via Fox Sports) shows, puts a number of other Aussie institutions to shame.

  • NRL: AU$9.1m salary cap per season per club – meaning CR7 is worth more than the entire squads of three NRL teams.
  • AFL: AU$10.37m salary cap per season per club – Juventus’ new boy is worth the same as three entire AFL squads.
  • BBL: AU$1.6m salary cap per season per club – Meaning that the two seasons worth of BBL salaries from every club is still less than what Ronaldo will make in a year.
  • Sydney property prices: Median house price is $1,111,124 – meaning Ronaldo can afford to buy around 45 houses a year.

But when you look at the stats, you can hardly deny he deserves it…

Unfortunately for Zeeshan: Madrid let him go. Fortunately for Zeeshan, the following video (and Madrid’s woeful start to this 2018/19 season) proves him right.