‘Excuse Me, Where Is Messi?’ GOAT Fan Rant Goes Viral

A Saudi Arabia fan went on a hilarious rant after his team beat Argentina...

‘Excuse Me, Where Is Messi?’ GOAT Fan Rant Goes Viral

Credit: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation

After Argentina’s shock loss to Saudi Arabia earlier this week, one Saudi fan took the chance to take a hilarious jab at the star-studded team’s 7 time Ballon d’Or winning talisman, Messi.

Argentina, one of the World Cup favourites, lost 2-1 to Saudi Arabia in their opening match. This left fans around the world picking their jaws up off the floor. It also left a great many Saudi Arabia fans wildly celebrating, and trying their hands at comedy.

One Saudi fan’s rib tickling celebration, filmed by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation, has gone viral, after the fan gave Messi a roasting that the sides of our mouths will remember for a long time to come.

Interrupting a journalist speaking at the end of the game, with members of the crowd walking all around, the Saudi fan grabs the mike and asks: “Where is Messi?” about four hundred times (ok, maybe we exaggerate a little), a big grin on his face, and sunnies over his eyes. For comedic effect, he pretends to look for Messi behind the guy with the microphone.

When the interviewer congratulates him on his team’s win, he says: “Thank you soooooo muchhhh.”

The video prompted many comments on social media (Instagram account Complex FC helped it go viral) like: “My Middle Eastern brothers are climbing the Comedy Power Rankings each and every day this month” and “They still ain’t making it out of that group. Enjoy the moment though.”

“I think it was the ‘Thank you sooooo Muchhhhhhhh!’ For me.”

Instagram user @jushuncho_

Others warned that Messi was just getting started. One wrote: “Don’t worry Messi will comeback.” Another said: “Messi bouta play another 4 just to spin the block.”

“Y’all must not get it lmao. They get to be petty now. They know they ain’t winning but when you beat the goat you get to have some fun.”

Instagram user @gr.yes

A few Argentine fans then weighed in with some remarks of their own, like: “Messi clearly scored and y’all got lucky lmaooo” and “Y’all asking for the 7 time ball d or winner?”

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Argentina will be hoping their result against Mexico on Sunday (it starts at 6am AEST) leaves less room for the Instagram and TikTok comedians of the world to poke fun at them. But only time (and the GOAT’s performance) will tell…

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