Gerard Pique’s ‘Disgusting’ Last Words As A Footballer Confuse & Stun The Football World

Giving Zidane's final game a run for it's money.

Gerard Pique’s ‘Disgusting’ Last Words As A Footballer Confuse & Stun The Football World

Barcelona centre back Gerard Pique’s career came to a – quite literally – crap ending, after being sent off before even taking to the field in his final game for reportedly telling the referee “I s**t on your prostitute mother.”

The Catalan club was trailing 1-0 at half time to Osasuna, with star-striker Robert Lewandowski being sent off after receiving a second yellow card, causing Pique to confront the official on the way to the changing rooms.

The verbal back-and-forth between the defender and referee Jesus Gil Manzano was caught by cameras. The altercation continued in the dugout, after which Pique, who was going to come on as a substitute, was not allowed to suit up for his final game, receiving a red card.

In the referee’s match report, the referee reported his version of event, where Pique was alleged to have said:

“Did you see the corner you gave us? You’re the referee who f*****d us up the most by far. It’s a f***ing disgrace, I s**t on your prostitute mother!”

Twitter users were quick to point out that phrase is relatively common in Spanish, but the translation is still very amusing.

According to Tribuna, Jesus Gil Manzano has shown Barcelona six red cards in the 33 games he has refereed of theirs. By contrast in the 43 Real Madrid games refereed, he has only shown a single red.

This could simply be an indicator that Barcelona are a bit of a ‘dirtier’ team than their great Madrid rivals, but clearly Pique seems to think (at least in the heat of the moment) that the ref has it in for them.

Pique’s Denial

Pique did not suit up in the game against Osasuna, instead playing his last football for Barcelona the week before at the Camp Nou against Almeria. Image: @gerardpique

Gerard Pique has denied the allegations of threatening to defecate on the referee’s mother.

Going on a podcast with Spanish streamer Ibai Llanos, the defender revealed that he was actually sent off for questioning Lewandowski’s red card.

“I didn’t s**t on anyone’s mother” he said, “At half-time after the referee hurt us, Robert’s first yellow is not a yellow, there is no corner, then the foul on Marcos Alonso… it’s not that they are dubious plays. The corner, the ball does not pass near anyone.”

He continued, “We go into the tunnel, and I told him that he always hurts us. With that alone he sends me off.”

Pique denies even saying the phrase in question altogether. He explained, “There is someone inside who says ‘I s**t on the f***ing mother of [the referee]. The referee listens to him from his locker room and puts the words in my mouth.”

He also questions the referees’ report, he said, “What is says in the report is once I’ve already been sent off, they don’t send for that.”

“The only send me off for saying ‘You’re the same as always.’ He did it because they want to suspend me for six to eight games even though I’m retired.”

Gerard Pique has denied all the allegations made by he referee in his final game. Image: @gerardpique

Regardless of whether or not Pique uttered the phrase, it is bitter – and Zinedine Zidane-esque – end to what was an illustrious career. The defender won eight La Liga titles, three Champions Leagues, a European Championship and a World Cup for club and country.

Off the field, it has also been a rough few months for the Barcelona player, after dealing with the break-up from long-time partner and popular singer Shakira.

Thankfully now he’s in retirement, Pique is free from referees, but perhaps their mothers should still keep an eye out!

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