Canelo Alvarez Fires Warning Shot At Messi After ‘Disrespectful’ Celebration

The world's unlikeliest beef?

Canelo Alvarez Fires Warning Shot At Messi After ‘Disrespectful’ Celebration

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez has come in swinging at Argentine legend Lionel Messi after footage has emerged of him nudging a Mexican jersey with his foot.

Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez has gone full Conor McGregor. In a foul mouth tirade, Canelo accused the gentle Argentine giant Lionel Messi of, among other poorly translated things, a “blowjob,” and “disrespect.”

The professional boxer said: “Así como respeto Argentina tiene que respetar mexico!! no hablo del país(argentina) hablo de messi por su mamada que hizo.”

This loosely translates to: “Just as I respect Argentina, you have to respect Mexico!! I’m not talking about the country (Argentina) I’m talking about Messi because of the blowjob he gave.”

He also said: “Vieron a Messi limpiando el piso con nuestra playera y bandera????” This roughly equates to “Came to Messi cleaning the floor with our player and flag???”

Plus: “He better hope to god I don’t find him.”

WATCH: Argentina celebrates huge win over Mexico; Messi allegedly ‘wipes the floor’ with a Mexico shirt

To anyone who has seen the video for themselves, however, it becomes abundantly clear Messi simply nudged the shirt with his foot, as he moved to sit down and take his boots off. As ESPN journalist David Faitelson said: “El Canelo” Álvarez is wrong. Messi is of that style. He is a footballer who respects and gives himself respect. He puts the shirt in front of him and stretches his leg to take off his shoe. Let’s not invent nonsense where there is none. Argentina won and period…”

Though some Twitter users seemed intent on creating controversy, most people appeared to give Messi the benefit of the doubt.

In one exchange, one commenter wrote: “The Mexico shirt did not have to be on the ground, I agree with you the solution is not violence, but Messi is wrong. With this action he lost many Mexican fans.”

Another responded: “And why not? He takes off his shirt and leaves it on the floor like anyone else when he takes off his clothes. what a thin skin.”

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Another said “Ve primero él video y déjate de mamadas!” (watch the video already and quit with the stupidity).

Another provocateur weighed in with: “Mexicans overreating, just accept the defeat and continue with your lives.”

The sentiment was similar on Instagram, with one user writing: “Love Canelo, what is he smoking? Messi has always been high respecting of opponents, don’t know what Canelo is even talking about. Vamos Argentina.”

Another joker suggested Messi might beat Canelo in a fight, writing: “Not a big Messi fan but let’s be honest here, he’s more athletic that canelo and if the fight goes long cardio can help him win.”

Fighting words all around. Except for from Messi. Can’t we just leave the GOAT in peace? We’re sure he doesn’t have beef with anybody…

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