World Cup Fan Shows FIFA How It’s Done, Creates His Own VAR


World Cup Fan Shows FIFA How It’s Done, Creates His Own VAR

A savvy World Cup fan has shown FIFA how it’s done, creating his own VAR to use from the stands.

One savvy World Cup fan has given the Internet hysterics, with footage doing the rounds of him creating his own version of VAR, with his phone and a set of binoculars.

WATCH: Fan creates his own VAR with phone and binoculars

While the clip inspired Internet users to encourage him to get a better phone (“he should have bought the S22 Ultra instead”) or to simply watch the match at home, others said he was “living in 3022” and called him a genius.

Other comments included: “Bro not billionaire enough to be on front row,” “How he smiles when it works” and “why didn’t see ronaldos goal was a gift from the referee.”

Another said he must actually be rich “for having that phone without protecting cover.” He appears to have inspired some imitators, too, with a follow-up video by TikTok user Cristina Ballesteros showing yet another fan making his own VAR (with two phones) too.

VAR has been a subject of controversy this year (and every year, for that matter, since it has been introduced). This isn’t the first time it has reared its head during the World Cup.

Many people believe Argentina were rorted by a certain VAR offside call during their shock loss to Saudi Arabia, with many complaining VAR should measure from the feet, not the furthest forward limb. Argentina have, fortunately (for them) recovered, beating Mexico over the weekend to put themselves back in good stead for making it through to the next round.

As the World Cup continues to get hotter, expect the VAR controversies (and fan reactions to them) to continue.

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