‘12 Year Old’ Football Player With Tattoo & Moustache Has The Internet Shook


‘12 Year Old’ Football Player With Tattoo & Moustache Has The Internet Shook

An American football player who looks like he’s “12 in dog years” or “12 going on 40” has the Internet shaken, not stirred.

Jeremiah Johnson, a football player who is apparently only 12 years old, has left the Internet picking its jaw up off the floor after winning honours at the Youth National Championship this weekend in Miami.

WATCH: ’12 year old’ NFL talent leaves the Internet shook

After a picture of the young talent, resplendent with a moustache and tattoos, went viral on Instagram, social media users were left flabbergasted at Jeremiah’s claimed age.

While many people thought he looked middle-aged already, Jeremiah says he is actually 12 (or rather, he mumbles it in an Instagram video). 

Not everyone is believing it though, with one person saying “his kids are 12.” Another said there was “zero chance” he wasn’t a grown man. Others asked to see his birth certificate.

Further sources of doubt for the Instagram brigade were Jeremiah’s tattoo (although we suppose this could be a temporary one) and his moustache. More funny comments included: “Can’t say it’s unrealistic for 30-year-olds to play high schoolers in movies anymore” and “someone said he tells his parents when it’s their bedtime.”

“He is 41 years old divorced with 2 kids,” another opined.

Another Instagram comedian said: “Dude is definitely a police sergeant doing an undercover sting as a 6th grader. His partners Chaunce Hayden and Jonah Hill are slightly out of frame.”

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