Argentina Goalkeeper’s ‘Rude’ Gesture Angers Qatar Royalty During Celebrations

Letting the inner child take over...

Argentina Goalkeeper’s ‘Rude’ Gesture Angers Qatar Royalty During Celebrations

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Emiliano Martínez, Argentina’s goalkeeper at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has raised eyebrows across the world for his… Exuberant behaviour after picking up a prestigious football award.

Martínez was a crucial part of Argentina’s World Cup campaign, with the South American side winning the tournament in Qatar in a nail-biting penalty shootout against France earlier this morning.

For Martínez’s efforts, the 30-year-old – who also plays for English Premier League side Aston Villa – netted himself the Golden Glove: the award for the best goalkeeper at a World Cup. But it’s what he did immediately after receiving it that’s caused a bit of controversy.

After receiving the golden hand-shaped trophy, with all the world’s eyeballs on him, Martínez didn’t hesitate to put the trophy in front of his crotch and thrust. Incredibly haram stuff.

According to some reports, FIFA slapped Martínez with a fine for the disrespectful act – but it’s not clear how much that fine was. Considering he did this in notoriously conservative Qatar, he’s lucky he didn’t lose an appendage, we reckon…

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Argentina’s victory over France marks Argentina’s first World Cup win in 36 years, as well as star player Lionel Messi’s first World Cup win.

In terms of other awards given after the game, Messi won the Golden Ball (best overall player) and France’s star Kylian Mbappé won the Golden Boot (top scorer).

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